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I've had the opportunity to meet with Bruce on many different occasions. The one thing that really stands out about him is his easy going nature and the fact that he will make time to meet with anyone who would like to learn more about what is happening at the New London Hospital. With the the ma...
  If you follow all the latest the headlines, you probably feel like you should be living in a cave hoarding what money you have and waiting for the economic chaos to blow over! I meet people on a daily basis and when they find out I’m in Real Estate, I constantly get this response “Whoa, how are...
In these uncertain financial times, I thought it would great to ask a few of my favorite local lenders some questions about the loan process and what they are seeing. 100% Financing a thing of the past? Elizabeth Dabrowski (Sugar River Bank) - While it is true that programs like FHA and VA have t...
Recently Katie Bacon from the New York Times published a fantastic article on the town of New London. When you are reading the article make sure to click on the slide show on the left hand side...they got some awesome photos of our area. **update the online article is no longer available with the...
With all the scary economic news flying around, I think it absolutely rocks when there is some positive news being reported! Today Forbes reported America’s Most & Least Vulnerable Towns to Recession Least Vulnerable! #1 Lebanon #3 Keene #7 Concord. This is pretty awesome stuff (sorry to those on...
This past week I went on an awesome dinner/cocktail cruise on the MV Kearsarge...I think the last time I was on one of the Lake Sunapee cruise boats, I was 10 and my father had gotten "Captain Dave" to let me take the wheel! The Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce sponsored the event and prov...
It certainly has been an interesting month with all the bailout news and it's affect on Wall Street, creating insane drops in the stock market...You'd think that everything real estate wise would come to a screeching halt and we'd all be out washing windows for extra $$! Well times are definitely...
Hard to imagine another month has flown by and we'll be stepping into Fall before we know it....Ok, here's the down and dirty on the past month.....looks like we're back to being 20 some odd sales behind previous years at this time frame. Although 57 listings went under agreement this past month ...
As we are fast approaching Fall, I thought it would be good to do a quick run down on what has sold for land year-to-date in the 16 towns that make up the Sunapee Region. As you will see below I have compared it to previous years and provided sale price, acreage and location information for what ...

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