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For the most part GPS was a pretty new thing about 10 years ago or so. The units were expensive and seemed unnecessary for the most part. Sure people get lost navigating a new city but how often did this happen that you would spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to avoid it when a $3 map ...
There was some interesting debate going on recently here at Active Rain about the number of people who join versus the number of people who turn into truly Active Rainers. There is a disconnect here for sure and a new member noticed this immediately upon joining. There were a variety of ideas pr...
I recently wrote a post which was more of a response to something I had read recently. The premise was that Twitter doesn’t work for Real Estate and I think it can and does. You can read my post here. Now take a look at this recent article showing how great Twitter is working for some local busi...
There has been a lot going on lately when it comes to openid and basically who controls your identity, accounts, passwords etc on the internet. If you think about it controlling this mess has always been one of the biggest gripes when it comes to social networking. I always hear “but how can you...
If you haven’t seen some of the headlines lately about Craig’s list you can check out some of the recent stories. Basically a few bad apples looking to capitalize on a hot button issue are singling out Craig’s list and trying rather forcing them to remove escort services or any other sections th...
This one really bugs me. First of all let me step back for a moment and talk about the hacking community in general. There are two types for the most part, for profit and the ones that are still trying to unlock whether or not aliens landed or if we landed on the moon. Now the latter is generall...
If you are an SEO nut or for whatever reason you just love Google webmaster tools you might have noticed they are offering up a new look as well as some new functionality. If you open up webmaster tools and then look at the top you will see something that says check out our new look. As far as c...
I have been using Google friend connect for quite some time on my site and I have to say I really like it. I think it adds some depth that traditional websites can’t offer. There is a lot of stuff behind the scenes with GFC that you might not even know was possible. If you have not seen what GFC...
You might have seen this in the news lately and it’s really nothing new but FaceBook is under another attack where some group is phishing for passwords. You can read more about it here. When I say this is nothing new I mean that there is always something like this going on. Everyone always asks ...
You know what I do get? That a lot of people don’t get Twitter. They can’t figure it out. They can’t understand why people use it. They just don’t get it. I understand all that. It’s new. It’s different. It’s hard to figure it out that is unless you are using it to Tweet completely inane things. ...

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