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I don’t think many people realize the potential that images have for websites. Not only are images probably one of the most important things you can do to a website or blog to make it look more interesting (Aside from video perhaps) they can also get you traffic. An indirect method is to post th...
I know everyone talks about Flickr a lot. I guess it’s because it has some interesting social networking components built in. It’s also a high quality site for the most part. I personally don’t think much about them after a user simply reported my profile and had my account deleted at their whim...
I just came across the announcement that Fotolia is offering completely free professional photos and images to anyone through a new site called PhotoExpress. This is the first time I have ever heard of such a large website offering free images to use. There are no strings attached either other t...
Today Facebook announced a huge overhaul to how their applications work. This looks pretty cool. I am sure you have had the same headaches trying to find applications for your Facebook but this seems to make it much easier. There are a lot of other details announced as well. Basically you can br...
Ok this really seems like a bad idea to me. I have seen this dozens and dozens of times since joining Active Rain and looking through real estate agent blogs. Here is the premise, the agent goes through the house on a showing appointment and finds this or that and figures it would make a great b...
I consider myself to be pretty tech savvy. I find myself writing about technology about 90% of the time in my blog. I just have always liked computers and all things techy. But Twitter I will admit is not something I am a master of. I tweet a lot but I don’t see a significant return. I guess I a...
Video is all the rage of course but I think a lot of people find out when they go to create their first masterpiece it’s not as easy as it looks. I know because I have created quite a few videos and after the 23469th take in one afternoon and still not getting my voice inflections right or some ...
I just saw this article over at Tech Crunch. I know everyone is getting sick of Twitter and Google but Google has been making so many new changes to its search engine that I really feel it’s just a matter of time before something even bigger happens. Today in an interview they were asked more ab...
I just spotted this rumor or speculation (depending on what you want to call it) that Wal-Mart might start selling Apple computers. Of course that would be big news and possibly drive the price down? (My own speculation)  According to the article Apple has had some great success selling I-access...
I often say this and it’s something I hear from almost anyone who wants to jump in the social networking pool, “I can’t keep up!”   That’s the real problem isn’t it? I mean how do you maintain 20+ accounts and still have a real life? I have seen the ugly side of people spending too much time net...

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