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I saw this article last night and I was trying to be very careful with the title. I realize that cancer is a very serious thing and I know that almost every other day someone is trumpeting this or that as the next cure. I realize it’s not as simple as that and I am certainly not trying to get an...
I have always like science. I just find it interesting how advanced we are getting. Heck if we spent a little more on education who knows what we might be capable of. Every once in a while an article catches my eye and I just have to share it. Today I came across this post that says basically th...
I don’t know if the first Tweet from space was a giant leap for mankind but I thought it was interesting or neat in the least. You can read the tweet here. The story about that Tweet is here.
I noticed something recently after blogging quite a bit this week. I guess I noticed this before but it became more pronounced in light of all the featured posts about “what is wrong with Active Rain” But maybe it’s as simple as leaving a comment? Call it comment courtesy if you will but leaving...
Recently I have been talking a lot about video. I like video. It’s a great format. It’s engaging. Everything about it is great. But making videos of listings is troublesome at best and a nightmare for most people. Editing raw video footage requires some computer processing power and it takes tim...
Google Announces Chrome Release is Even Faster There’s a big fight going on right now to be the fastest browser but the inevitable happens; Speed means less features. Sorry but that’s just how it is right now. I guess that’s still no excuse for Internet Explorer whose latest offering seems so co...
There was just another huge phishing scheme on Facebook just this past week with the 151 (trust me you don’t want to drink that stuff) and now this week there is already another one. With popularity comes phishing attacks so this is no big surprise really but it’s important to stay on your toes ...
There were some rumors a while back when Apple was caught red handed ordering a bunch of screens. I came across this article and while it appears to be some more speculation it seems they have filled in some more details as well. I think it will be interesting to see Apple come out with a produc...
I came across this article last night and I was astounded. I know YouTube is big but I didn’t know it was this big! Its funny how as the article points out, YouTube was called a failure by Time magazine. Remind me to link back to this post when Time magazine fails. Anyways think about how much v...
Google is adding some different functions to Google suggest. If you aren’t sure what that is it’s when you are typing in the Google search box and it “suggests” what you might be looking for. This seems harmless at first glance because how a suggestion could hurt anyone? Well what if the suggest...

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