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Security experts and basically anyone who has ever lost a lot of “stuff” will tell you that backing up your data is not only important it’s absolutely crucial. Yet few people do it and when all is lost computer techs are expected to wave some magic wand and bring it all back from the dead. Often...
Well the rumor mill has been flying in the past few months about someone buying out Twitter. For a while it was rumored that FaceBook was going to acquire the company but that seemed to not happen. The speculation there was that Twitter was saying it was worth so much more than it is. What is fu...
Ok I don’t think I am the only one that fusses over analytics. Hey I work hard and I like to see it pay off so I want to know how many people come to my sites and where they are coming from. I want to know every detail. Everyone is in love with Google Analytics for many obvious reasons, its free...
Everyone always says don’t click links in emails but not all links are bad links so how do you know which ones are safe to click and which ones are not? How about I teach you?! I think this is an important computer security issue and this is especially relevant considering not only that this is ...
I just came across this really cool new app from Google that turns your Gmail on Autopilot. Basically you set a few controls and it completely enhances and redesigns how Gmail works. You can set some very attention getting auto responders. Why leave a simple message like I am currently out of my...
Yesterday there was some big news on the Active Rain network. Brad Andersohn announced the staff has finally added Google Analytics to the outside blogs.  A lot of us have been waiting a long time for this to happen and I can only assume that there were some big hurdles to get over to get this t...
There has been a lot of talk lately about legalizing marijuana and other drugs. There are many obvious reasons why the current laws are not only absurd but racist in design and execution. That’s another whole long series of books and if you are not aware I suggest doing some research. But why al...
I saw this last night when I ran a rank checker program (Thanks Rocket 55) It was immediately after I responded again to Paul’s blog post here. I noticed that my rank was almost back to its original spot for the keywords Eau Claire Wisconsin Real Estate Agent. I know it’s more of a long tail phr...
There has been a lot of talk lately about alternative fuels and trying to “green” our energy usage. Some of the big talks during the elections and since have been that nuclear fission is somehow safe and green. Yet it’s clearly not either of those things. Nuclear waste is being stockpiled throug...
I will do my best to keep out my personal opinions about Bill O’Reilly. Let’s just say we come from different viewpoints and leave it at that. But I will point out how other people feel about him. Recently for some strange reason he was invited to a fundraiser for a group that raises money to su...

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