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I have been so busy lately I haven’t even had time to write this blog post and that’s probably ActiveRain's fault as well! What am I so hoppin’ mad about? Well I guess I lied I am not mad at ActiveRain I am hoppin’ mad about ActiveRain. I am tired of all the nationwide exposure I am getting! At ...
If you have been using video this is really good news for you because Google appears to be finally approaching a universal search. That is Google is still returning the most relevant result but multimedia options are becoming available. This is still a limited rollout and not every video is goin...
Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what people were looking for on the internet and then they in turn would find your site? Well of course that’s why we build and have websites but the content is generally static and it relies on the premise that what the customer is looking for doesn’t change or ...
There is a wealth of information available when it comes to the topic of SEO. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming and for a lot of people it feels like most of the stuff goes right over their heads. I understand how complicated it can be and that’s why I try to write in a way that most people can...
Ok yesterday I wrote a post about some fill in the blank that was threatening me on Flickr. Then today it appears that my account has been deleted. I have an awful feeling that this jerk reported my account as being malicious because I don’t think this is coincidence that today it just doesn’t w...
I came across this article yesterday and thought it was pretty crazy. Apparently Kodak has changed its TOS (Terms of Service) and now wants to basically strong arm you into paying. Long story short if you have a lot of photos on their site and you don’t pay to have them developed Kodak might del...
Biz Stone the Co-Founder of Twitter appeared on the Colbert Report last night. I didn’t get a chance to see it but I see that Tech Crunch covered the story. I have included the clip that was from the show as well as when the Daily Show recently covered Twitter. No I am not copying it’s just that...
Ok I literally just got this email from Flickr, well a user on Flickr and obviously not staff. It was my first contact message from someone on Flickr so of course I was excited hoping it might be someone interested in buying a home. But it wasn’t. Instead it’s someone trying to bully me. :: did ...
A lot of people including myself don’t realize that you don’t have a right to free speech when it comes to blogging. I guess I always assumed that we were protected and our speech was protected in the same way journalists are. But I assumed wrong and you know what they say about assumptions. Obv...
Looking for that extra modern touch? Netbooks are making an affordable entry into kitchens and providing a convenient way to not only access the internet but also a way to enhance your kitchen. How about instant access to recipes? A netbook could actually save room in your kitchen by being able ...

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