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Services for Real Estate Pros - New Horizon
Your Real Estate marketing minute.
Watching HGTV can turn into Real Estate Riches... 
Are you “guessing” or “testing” when it comes to marketing your real estate business? When you think about marketing your real estate business, are you trying to out think your prospects? Do you spend hours trying to guess what will make your prospects click on your Facebook ads? Have you ever wo...
Brand yourself and grow rich in your real estate niche...Stop trying to be somebody else.  Be you... Visit our Facebook group, www.TheRealtorSuccess.com to learn more creative marketing strategies for your real estate business.#RealtorSuccess#GrowRichInYourRealEstateNiche
Direct mail is alive and well!  Can your real estate business live without direct mail?Visit our Facebook group, www.TheRealtorSuccess.com for more creative marketing ideas for your real estate business.#RealtorSuccess#GrowRichInYourRealEstateNiche
Would You Buy From You?Do you think charitable involvement directly impacts your real estate business?  Hopefully your answer is “Yes.”  As the name depicts, real estate agents are supposed to be REAL people who are in the PEOPLE business.  If you really think about it, a real estate agent does n...
Are you leaving the back door open when it comes to marketing your real estate business?Record number of permits being pulled, houses selling before hitting the Multiple Listing Service, Boosts and Dark posts on facebook, Instagram, seach engine optimization, email marketing and the list keeps on...
Dear Savvy Realtors,  Doesn't it feel nice to receive a personal invitation into someone's home?  Greeted with a smile and geniue "Hello!"  Doesn't it feel great when someone you meet gives you the opportunity to really know what makes them tick?Today's Realtor is busy being "someone else" when i...

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