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Your Real Estate marketing minute.
Atlanta agent Matt Hermes was kind enough to spend some time talking with MO on the subject of farming.  Matt's team farms over 2,000 homes in metro Atlanta.  Matt's team is reconized as one of "America's Best Real Estate Teams" by Real Trends.  Farming works for Matt.  Farming can work for you t...
Join us for another edition of Free Marketing Tuesday.  Learn 3 postcard strategies to help you dominate your competition in 2016! Visit www.theMOshow.net at 12pm.  Dial in and join the web presentation by clicking the Join button.  
As a Real Estate Professional it's important for you to stay in front of your prospective clients and referral partners!  Let's be honest, no one walks around with sticky notes containing your name, email address and phone number ready to be produced in the event someone asks for a good real esta...
Could giving away your real estate knowledge be good marketing strategy for your real estate business?   As sales professionals we are trained to "close the sale" before exchanging the cards we hold in our hands.  Get a signature, then deliver the product or service.  But what if things were diff...
 Sometimes we just new a few good ideas to get going with our real estate marketing.  Here is a list of marketing ideas focused on the theme of "Dream Homes."  A dream home may be a first time buyer's 1,000 sq ft ranch or a world reknown Phyican's 10,000 sq ft mansion.   Everybody has a home of t...
Today on The Mo Show - Free Marketing Tuesday Edition - we discuss this week's marketing question "Would Ms. Oprah Winfrey Make a Good Real Estate Agent?" What do you think?  Please join us Today @12pm on www.TheMOShow.net - The Real Estate Success Network's first podcast show for real estate pro...
 Could producing your own podcast show reap major marketing rewards for your real estate business?The simple answer is "it depends."  It depends on your willingness and commitment to marketing your real estate business.  Podcast shows, postcards, Facebook posts, LinkedIn and all types of marketin...
Remember to set aside one day each week to rest. For you. For your family. For your business or career.Rest makes you more productive.  Your thoughts and actions are sharp when you get proper rest.As busy parents, real estate professionals and teachers we need to remember our journey is long and ...
The "Soft Side" of real estate = Showing your audience you care.  Connecting with your sphere of infulence and prospects on an emotional level can show you understand real estate is emotional.  That it's about people.  Positioning your marketing efforts from the "soft side" allows you to creative...
Would You Sell Real Estate For No Commission, Ever?  I would.  I always have.  I always will.  As a child I would dream of a structure I would like to build and I would use my favorite toy "K'NEX" to build it.  Every Friday I would rush home, tear down last week's construction and build something...

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