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  “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Building great wealth is certainly not easy, but it’s not incredibly complicated either. It does require two main elements: a solid financial vehicle and a genuine desire. To build a great estate with real estate, that outcome must be...
  Once upon a time there were two friends, Bob and John, who were partners in business together….   Bob and John had been working together for quite a long time and felt as though they were doing pretty well for themselves. Their company always seemed like it was on the verge of taking off. They ...
  Sometimes we forget that banks are businesses much like other companies. And there are times when they make mistakes, just like other companies do at times. And (as we know) collectively the banks made some incredible lending practice mistakes (doozies) during the not too distant past…   Though...
  “Having fewer nuts does not make us better squirrels…”   Given our druthers, most of us would choose to be financially independent, comfortable and free of worry about money. Most still have that choice. It’s not too late, but a shift may need to occur…   Though it’s always been available to mo...
   “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”   With the exception of a couple of rare exceptions (lottery, inheritance, etc.), there’s really only three main areas a person can realistically choose from to generate wealth and true financial independence for themselves:   Successfully ...
  Certainly, interest rates for savings accounts will remain relatively low for the foreseeable future. CD’s and bonds don’t provide returns that appeal and the stock market promises to remain its usual unpredictable self. To many it seems that a good time to invest may not come along for quite a...
    Speculators hope for profit. Investors create it.   Though the adage, “profit is made when we buy” has been around the real estate industry for many years, it still serves as a handy reminder of the importance of proper financial evaluation when purchasing investment properties. At the beginn...
  Investing in income producing real estate is one of the safest and most secure vehicles available these days but many people aren’t aware that funds from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) can now be utilized for this type investment. Considering the control a person has by actively managin...
  Not only can you become quite wealthy by investing in real estate (even if the value of the property never goes up)….you should be able to.   The five step formula to wealth through real estate investing is: 1)    Purchase income producing real estate at below market value prices 2)    Buy (lev...
    Consider this: "The majority of wealthy people in the world have either made their money in real estate or invested in real estate after they built and operated successful businesses."   Clearly many who wish to be wealthy and financially secure gravitate towards real estate as a means to acc...

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