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WOW, we are hearing a lot about rates the past few days. The FED dropped their interbank rate to 0-.25%. Now I am not exactly sure how or what Mr Bernanke means by giving a range for the Fed Reserve rate but the bond market has reacted and we have finally gotten rate relief for buyers and those l...
Today, with all due respect, I am going to break from my normal Blog post about market changes etc. We want to be totally, completely, unabashed self promoting today. If you are in Lake, Sumter, Citrus,or Flagler Counties we want your business. Many Realtors are unaware that 100% financing is ava...
It's official,  there will be a RTC type entity created to take bad mortgage paper off  the books and balance sheets of the banks so that banks will have access to capital and be able ot loan more again. Also he announced that the GSE's(Freddie and Fannie) will buy more openly. Markets rallied on...
 If I called you 2 yrs ago and said that property values were headed down as much as 40% in some markets, that Fannie and Freddie would cease to exist as we knew them, that Countrywide would be taken over, along with Merril Lynch and that Lehman Brothers  would file BK and AIG would become a ward...
WOW!!! If I had called you up 3 years ago or even a year ago and told you that 265 lenders, 12 Federal Banks and that Fannie and Freddie, as we knew them, would all be gone, you would have said I was crazy. Well, my friends, this is exactly what has happened. What does it mean for us. Well there ...
WOW!! Summer sure went by fast. Growing up here in Florida and having sort of a Jimmy Buffet mentality, I love the summertime, but always am ready to see college football and see the change of season come. Now of course we  have to get thru the REAL hurricane season too, which it apears has start...
This program is, in my humble opinion the best  mortgage available to help many ares increase sales, over come the negative effects of the last 18 months, truly help buyers and sellers and help ALL of us in the industry maintain an income. First some things the program is NOT 1. It is NOT just fo...
As most everyone, except those living under a rock, has heard, the Congress passed sweeping FHA reform last week and the President signed it into law this week. A great deal of conversation has happened as to what effects this reform may have. The new laws have a number of effects some of which d...
Today I was invited to speak at a National Finance company meeting in October. This is somehting I love to do, probably more than anything else in business. I received the request via email then called the contact person to begin the process of fiding out exactly what type event and what type spe...
Being from a generation of the 70's, I'm definately not a tech savy businessperson. In fact had it not been for the kindness of a Realtor, Monica Hubert, I'd have probably never known of ActiveRain. We had never gotten much "web traffic" but this week had 5 pre quals or applications. I was excite...

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