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News, events, stories, info, tips, and advice about real estate in Ridgway, Colorado and surrounding San Juan Mountain communities of the Colorado Western Slope.
It's been a while since I've been active on Active Rain, and that's because last October, I "retired."  However, my first love, real estate, kept calling.  So, after 4 years in the mortgage business and 9 months of retirement, I reactivated my real estate license this month and joined Coldwell Ba...
They did it!  The British voted to exit the European Union (aka Brexit), which many experts predicted was unlikely.  What they also predicted is that if Great Britain did vote to leave, it would throw the global economy into a tailspin and cause stocks to plummet.  And that is exactly what we saw...
There's no question that a foreclosure or bankruptcy can advesrely affect your ability to buy a home, or completely eliminate the possibility.  However, it is often more a question of when than if  you can ever buy a home again.  Different loan types or programs have different waiting periods.Gen...
I think I own almost every Bonnie Raitt album she has ever produced.  I bought my first one back in 1974 when I was a student at UC Santa Barbara, the old black licorice LP type.  I am now patiently waiting for her latest release, which I pre-ordered on iTunes and will play on my iPod or stream t...
There are many myths and misconceptions about credit, which, unfortunately, too many of my prospective borrowers looking to by a home in the Montrose, Colorado area learn about the hard way--at the time they apply for a loan.  Below are 5 of the most common myths I see.Myth No. 1.  Having no debt...
A common problem I run into when prequalifying a prospective homebuyer for a home loan is the one who just bought a car, or rather, financed its purchase, right before our initial meeting. While the mortgage industry seems to be tightening up, with ever more restrictive regulations and guidelines...
One of the most misunderstood aspects of buying a home is whether the the real estate agent REALLY represents you, the home buyer? Yes, you do have the right to ask an agent to solely represent you. In fact, some real estate brokers may require that they be your exclusive agent. Here are some FAQ...
At what stage does a borrower for a home loan receive an unconditional final loan approval.  All loans, even after final approval are subject to certain conditions being satisfied before the loan is cleared to close and fund, which normally does not happen until the time of closing.  The bigger c...
Have you ever received an interest rate quote or seen a published rate on the Internet only to find out later that you’re not offered the same rate when you go through the loan application process? That’s because there are many variables in determining rates for individual buyers and the rate you...
I recently read an article, written by another real estate agent, about why some real estate agents have a stellar reputation and why some cannot be trusted. And, this applies to how other real estate agents and the general public perceives them. I wanted to share with several of the possible rea...

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