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Homes for Sale in Loudoun County, VA and Fairfax County, VA.
I just watched a replay of the 60 Minutes segment.  Generally, 60 Minutes seemed to do a dis-service to the potential home buyers and sellers.  They simple skipped all the complexities of legal aspects, HUD, Fair Housing Law, mortgage qualification, home inspection...and all the topics that are v...
I was recently talking to an associate of mine about the good values that are appearing in some prestigious Leesburg communites, and selected other parts of Loudoun County.(there were some knockout values recently in Lansdowne, River Creek and Potomac Station)In some cases, such as where the sell...
I coordinated a Brokers Open today, in western Loudoun County, with 8 other properties.  In western Loudoun, we have to innovate to get other agents to trek over "from the East" part of the county to see our I enrolled a number of other agents for a progressive lunch...appetizers, e...
The surprises don't stop, even in this market.  However, this time they are pleasant surprises.The Loudoun County resale market doesn't have its usual energy this Spring, to say the least.  Coupled with tighter lending practices, my associates and I were bracing (although we're always hopeful) fo...
I've seen some really good values as I recently reviewed homes for sale in Loudoun County, and especially homes for sale in Lansdowne, or other parts of Leesburg.  It seems 2+ years have come off the the pricing at the highs of the market...and prices appear to have stabilized, in most cases.  I'...
It's understandable that many sellers are frustrated with the slow progress of their sale, or low level of interest their home is attracting recently.  Any many agents, at least in my home market of Loudoun County, feel they have over-used the bulk of their consoling comments, and are trying thei...
In Western Loudoun County, the new home builders are really getting aggressive on their pricing to attract every buyer they can...and that is really putting downward pressure on the resale market just few miles, or even a few blocks, away.  builders simply have better pricing power than nearly an...

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