Now more than ever real estate twits are working twice as hard. Do you really have time to tweet all day while you’re showing 18 houses, writing multiple contracts, and consulting with your clients? If you do, great…don’t bother reading the rest of this article. The Real Estate Tweet Plan is on...
Won't you be my neighbor?! Mr. Rogers had the right idea...get out there and get to know your neighbors! Help out, lend a hand, and get involved in neighborhood events. He made visits to local business owners and helpful neighborhood role models. Mr. Rogers always rallied his neighbors together. ...
Well, it's easy when you use MyMarketWare. We have expanded our selection of single property Website templates. Our current collection of branded single property Website designs include: Advance Realty, Alain Pinel, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Coldwell Banker Previews, Coldwell Banker Residenti...
I love the month of May! Not just because I get super spoiled for Mother's Day and my birthday...wait, yes that's exactly why I love May.  I actually claim the entire month for ME! I can do no wrong in May! Well, rather than hoarding all the treats to myself....I thought I'd spoil my rockin' rain...
You don't have to be inspired by Earth Day to make sustainable marketing choices! In fact, you can market yourself and your real estate business in several eco-friendly ways all year long! Here are 12 quick tips to get you started:(1)   Start a real estate blog. Market your expertise, highlight l...
I love shopping at Nordstrom. I usually find exactly what I'm looking for there. And if not, their helpful staff will find what I need and ship it to me for free. I've never had an issue returning anything either! And after every good dose of retail therapy, I receive a personalized thank you car...
Do you take every opportunity to brand yourself? What about every email? If not, you should. Branding every email you send with custom eStationery is great way to promote yourself, your blog, and ultimately, your real estate business. If you're not already familiar with eStationery, just take a l...
You may have noticed a slight change in my ActiveRain blog. I have redesigned it to match MyTechOpinion. I love consistency and it's a difficult task to brand myself cleanly among all the social networks and blogs I manage. So when Brad Carroll posted his AR Custom Blog Generator I immediately we...
Chicks love the NEW MyTechOpinion...and we hope you will too!Just a quick announcement! After several late nights, MyTechOpinion v2 has launched! We have infused our new design with more real estate technology content, better article organization, individual author pages, and new social media too...
Trying to add your property showcase flyer to Craigslist? If so, watch this quick video for instruction. Click here to create your online property showcase at MyMarketWare. For more helpful marketing advice visit the MyMarketWare Blog. To view all the current how-to videos, check out the Training...

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