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(Image Source)To a town near you, the next REO wave is coming soon!I predict that the United States is going to see an explosion of foreclosure related work again within the next 12 months or sooner.You may be talking in your head and asking yourself “How the hell does she know that this is going...
TOP BPO COMPANIES FOR 2020Each year, I like to take a few minutes to share some free info and insights into my  “Top 15 BPO Companies for 2020.”After being in this hidden, niche market within real estate called, Broker Price Opinions and also with having been in the BPO industry myself for 15+ ye...
Question:Hi Nicole, Do you offer Commercial BPO Training? If yes, how much to enroll? If not, can you refer me to a company or person who does? Thanks, Ricky in the Bay Area, CAAnswer:Hello Ricky,Thank you very much for reaching out and for your question.Unfortunately we don’t offer training on C...
HARD REALITIES OF BEING A BPO AGENTDoing broker price opinion work is not for the faint of heart or for just anyone and everyone, I get it completely!Just like with any type of business or niche market there are some definite qualities and characteristics that are required of those that choose to...
Finding Balance as a BPO/REO AgentBeating Burnout, Pressure & Frustration!   You don’t have to tell a single person in this business that it’s a very difficult and challenging niche to be in. We all understand this!   My story is similar to many others in that when I got into the BPO business, ye...
 Reasons For When BPO Volume is Down Time of Year:   The BPO industry like any market has cycles or times of year when things are busy or slow. The longer you are in the business, the easier it is to spot the patterns.   For me business got pretty predictable when I was doing BPO work from 2006-2...
RESIDENTIAL REALESTATE REVIEW, INC. – REVIEWWhile I was in the BPO business from 2006-2011, I also worked for Residential RealEstate Review (RRR). I have also seen a tremendous amount of change and improvement from this company over the years as they too have upgraded their BPO platform and forms...
HUGE NEWS for BPO AND REO Agents & Brokers Doing BPO and REO Forms!After 9 years in business, 9 months of development and over $100,000 spent on doing a MAJOR upgrade to BPO Automation Group’s ‘5-Minute BPO’ Autofill software we are proudly in the beta testing phase (and soon to be released) a br...
WHY IS BPO WORK AVAILABLE?“Where there is a need, opportunity exists” a quote by well… me, at least I hope no one else thought of this!I have found through personal experience in learning the importance of watching for trends and finding opportunities that have the potential to help vast amounts ...
PRO TECK VALUATION SERVICES REVIEW While I was in the BPO business from 2006-2011, I also worked for Pro Teck. I saw a tremendous amount of change and improvement from this company over the years. They have upgraded their BPO platform and forms among some of the great changes that they have accom...

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