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Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm an economic & political junkie and a Mortgage Advisor in Austin, TX, so I like to write about how these two arenas interplay. I love Austin, so you'll also read local area statistics and happenings. In an effort to keep it light-hearted during our turbulent times, perhaps some inspiring stories & funny stuff about the family :)
You've probably already heard TARP funds aren't actually buying troubled assets anymore, and if the reason why isn't confusing or irritating enough, we now find out one of the reasons why Wall Street's $700 Billion is not easing lending as originally intenteded. From July 7th to date, there has ...
The hit car manufactures are taking during our recession became very clear when I saw a Hyundai commercial promoting its Hyundai Assurance program. This promotion allows buyers to return their car within the next year if they loose their job or experience a life altering event. Wow, that's aggre...
I don't have to get into why 2008 was a tough year for almost everyone -- I'm personally tired of talking about 2008, and what 2009 may still have in-store for us. Unlike many of my counterparts, I still REALLY love what I do, and am still excited to wake-up every morning and work hard to get my ...

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