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So, today I had the rare opportunity to break my usual morning monotony by meeting a good friend of mine, Cory Lebovitz, for coffee(Big Surprise that we would get coffee!). Cory is the founder of the non-profit organization Cause and affect Network (or CnA). I wanted to tell you about CnA and all...
I originally posted this at but I thought it might have some relevance here as well. Check it out and let me know what you think. Tired of the "Me Monster" Salesman? You know what I'm talking about. That salesman(Real Estate Agent, used car, computer, appliance) who really isn't ...
I had the pleasure of meeting with a friend for coffee this morning(I love coffee). We talked for close to 2 hours. It was a very uplifting conversation. Alex has some very exciting things going in his life. You can read about some of them on his Blog. I personally would highly recommend you chec...
I'm very proud of my brother and sister-in-law. They are both hardworking people who love the Lord and all those around them. They have one beautiful daughter and another miracle on the way. They are just terrific people and I love them. They are both 25 years old. Martin(my brother) works as a C...
I stumbled across this quote this morning while I was drinking my coffee, checking my facebook, and listening to "Ave Maria" by Maria Callas. As I read it, it struck me how true this actually is.   Here is the quote: "...gradual change is usually more fruitful in the long run than is forced, ultr...
Do you owe too much on your home and have a lack of equity? Are the Realtor fees a little too much for you to swallow? Do you have too much other debt to consider selling your house? Approaching foreclosure? It seems like these terms and phrases are becoming more and more prominent in the every d...
Where has it gone? With all of the Gloom and Doom in the media about the economy and the housing market it seems like Buying a house is no longer the exciting adventure it was just months ago in this SAME COUNTRY. It's almost as if buying a house is a chore. Like it's every-one's responsibility t...
My personal possition is always "Anybody against the Gators". I can't stand them! But you may think differntly. What are your pregame predictions? Nick UnderwoodWhatIf?Realty, 899.0962
Doing an open house in Hamilton Mill this Sunday. If you are in the area and interested here's the details. Hope to see some traffic!!! Nick UnderwoodWhatIf?Realty, 899.0962
So, through much conversation with my broker, I have decided that to get my feet off the ground I'm going to chase after the FSBO market. I work with our flat fee program, WhatIf?Realty(which is a division of Diamond Dwellings). So once again I need your help. I don't know how to find, contact, s...

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