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Home Stager - Nestings: Connecticut Home Staging and Model Homes
Nestings provides home staging, decorating and interior merchandising for model homes, vacant and occupied properties in Fairfield County (including Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, Fairfield, Easton, Trumbull, Wilton, Weston, Monroe, Stratford, Bridgeport, Newtown) and all of Connecticut. Builders, Real Estate Agents and Sellers have all derived great value from working with this award-winning home stager. From condos to million-dollar homes, Julie's work will entice the target buyer. On Time, On Budget, On Target! Contact Julia Maher at 203.257.7395 or
Installing Art For That WOW! Factor Last week, I gave some tips on how to hang art.  This is a real-life example.  This wonderful young family moved into their new home, and Nestings helped them with the overall interior decoration.  We wanted to add drama and tell a story about the family in thi...
Got Those Connecticut Builders' Grade Blahs?  How To Fix Them! Here are some ideas on how to fix those builders' grade Blahs.  Here are three Blahs I'm talking about: White, or barely off-white, painted walls Shiny brass light fixtures and hardware Light oak floors, stair rails and balusters Thos...
Don't Shut Buyers Out - Make It An Open Invitation! When your home is on the market, each room needs to be as inviting as possible.  The longer potential buyers want to linger in the house, the more they will appreciate all it has to offer.  So, open the spaces!  Enhance the traffic flow and allo...
The Stager's Dance Enter the room, take two steps, turn, and exit.  Re-enter the room, take two steps, turn, and exit.  Repeat as often as necessary.  What am I doing?          No, no, I'm not staggering, I'm STAGING!  I'm doing the Stager's Dance! The REAs I work with are used to this by now, an...
"We're Hanging Art Today!"  Tips From A Home Stager Mike and I were enjoying our Saturday morning family walk with Bogart and Rocky.  This is a nice quiet time when we review our plans for the weekend.  Julie:  "I'm going to Joy's today.  We're looking at some carpets and then we're hanging art."...
Fairfield County, CT, Condo:  Staging With Owner's Furniture After installing new laminate flooring (hardwood would not work over the concrete slab), and repainting, this condo living room was Staged to sell.  The homeowner's furniture, which included some antiques, was supplemented by additional...
Be Sure You Have The Right Key!  Two Lessons Learned It seems simple, but sometimes the little things we take for granted - we shouldn't! Lesson #1:  Be Sure You Have The Right Key! When we listed Mom's condo for sale, we gave the REA the front door key to place in the key box.  The agent locked ...
Christmas in July! It's a beautiful day here in Connecticut - for July!  Admittedly, I am more of an Autumn/Winter girl, but today is lovely.  But why not revisit Christmas? One year, I designed a small hallway in the Burr Homestead for the Fairfield Christmas Tree Festival.  An annual Showhouse ...
There have been many excellent posts recently on how to write great titles for our blog posts.  Here's an important tip on WHAT NOT TO DO - and why.  I'll be combing back through my old posts to see if I need to correct any titles.  You'll know if this applies to you too! In our efforts to keep A...
Vacation Photos:  What Kind Do You Take?  NOT A TUTORIAL! Ah, vacation photos!  With the advent of the digital camera, the sky's the limit in terms of how many pictures we can take, as well as their quality and how we share them.  Sadly (or perhaps not!), gone are the days of Dad's slide show car...

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