Please join us on Tuesday August 5th at 9:00 pm (EST) to learn how investors just like you are buying cash flowing properties in the fastest appreciating market in the country and saving thousands of dollars on their taxes.  The "GO Zone" was implemented by President Bush after Hurricane Katrina ...
I have written about this before, but felt led to talk about it again. How are you dealing with the current conditions? Did you know that the industry with the highest mortality rate in our country since January 2007 was real estate related? Did you know that the second highest divorce rate also ...
So home sales are up and prices are down. What does this mean for us in the Fort Myers-Cape Coral-Bonita Springs area? Actually it means a lot when you consider all that has taken place over the past 3 years. Our area underwent one of the most torrid times in real estate history. Demand was absur...
This article appeared today: Some are calling this the best market for investors since real estate tanked in the early 1980s. Investors, alone and in groups, are negotiating volume deals as they purchase whole subdivisions and bundles of 10 to 50 defaulted loans for pennies on the dollar. "What w...
Got a homeowner in trouble with his lender? Can't do a workout? The answer is a short sale.....This is the answer right?? It is what's best for the client...right? It provides the agent with a great listing at a great price....right? Surely with the reduced price it will be a quick sale, fast clo...
In today's new real estate market the time for hesitation is past. Now is the time for action. To take advantage of the new market, the reality is clear-don't wait: If you are ready to move to a home where you would rather live; If you can afford a conventional fixed-rate loan; If you plan to liv...
It seems in recent months that there are some interesting innovations in marketing coming to our industry. The advancement of the web has put potential homebuyers right on the sofa of their new living room through the use of virtual tours. The use of call capture has homesellers knowing who is in...
If you are a Florida Power customer you might be asking that question in the months ahead. The Florida Public Service Commission approved Florida Power & Light Company request to increase their customer's electric costs to offset unanticipated fuel costs. Reports are that the increase will be app...
So it's a beautiful day in sw Florida, birds are out, sun is shining at least part of the time and buyers are out there. I get a call from a buyer who asks me "I have about a million dollars liquid right now, got any good deals?" Well of course I could find some good deals! So I proceed to find h...

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