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Humorous but Honest advice to Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate in the State of Maryland.
When I was in second grade, my older brother had been picking potatoes for two years.  It was thought that I was too young to be out in the fields.  Well, as you have probably already figured out, I was a persistent little snot!  And I was not about to be refused the awesomeness of being able to ...
I don't wanna know that you and your buddies put up the new deck one drunken weekend without a permit!I don't wanna know that you have not paid your HOA dues in 6 months because you are mad at the Board of Directors and their stupid rules!I don't wanna know that you moved your daughter's bed to t...
Here's my little secret.  sshhhhh....did you know that if a potential buyer spends more than 15 minutes in your house, he is either using your bathroom or he's going to write an offer?  Yep.  I'm tellin' the truth.*Remember how I told you that most buyers form an opinion in the 5-10 seconds that ...
..."Come on in to my Open House!""How are you? Come on in to the kitchen and you can sign in so the sellers know that someone showed up!""No, that's ok.  We have a buyer's agent, but she couldn't come today.  She said to just give you her card.""That's fine.  What brought you here today?""My husb...
My first time buyers think they have found their dream home by looking at pictures on the internet.   Their mother tells them to call me to set up an appointment to go see it.  (There is a reason for that!)We enter the house, it smells great!  (Alrighty, someone read my Scratch 'n Sniff blog)The ...
  I am the daughter of a Maine Game Warden.  I was produced in a town at the tippy top northern most of Maine in an area known as the Allagash.   Where's that , you ask.  Well, it was so far north, you had to pump sunshine in.  It was so far north that my father once drove us 12 hours all the way...
No you don't!  Of course, you don't!  And neither do I!  And you want to keep the ones you got, right? But, you want to list your house and you are thinking of using your best friend who got her real estate license last week.  Ok, keep reading....I'm not going to bash your friend...I promise. BUT...
You just got the call.  He's coming at 9 am tomorrow just after the kids go off to school! He will only be here for 15 minutes.   Here comes that damned gurgly belly again.  Oh no, oh no, oh no, what do I do?? Remember when you ratified your contract and your mother said to you, "Well, Honey, now...
Whoever said "Don't sweat the small stuff"  surely didn't work in Real Estate. I want you to sweat it. I want you to sweat it BIG TIME!   I want you to sweat every single solitary detail about your house including the stains in the toilet bowl.....yes, I just said that.  I went there. Because tha...
When you call me about listing your house.  I will ask if you are interviewing other agents for the job, too.  If you say yes, then I ask if I can go last.Really?  Why?  What if you fall in love with the first agent you meet and cancel all the other appointments?Well, that is a chance I am willin...

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