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Humorous but Honest advice to Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate in the State of Maryland.
You just love running around Saturday and Sunday and stopping in at Open Houses.  Who doesn't?  Some people do it as they are hitting all the yard sales.  It's fun!  It's enlightening!  You can see how people decorate and sometimes make yourself feel better about your own home.But, sometimes, you...
If you read this article, the CEO of Zillow is asked about the inaccuracies of Zestimates and the harm they do.  Read the whole thing.  It is only at the bottom where he states that they should only be used as a starting point and that you, the selleror buyer, need the professionals in your area....
Whenever I go to a house that I am about to list,  I am asked what needs to be done to get it ready to show and make it inviting.  While each house is different, this article is touches on everything that a seller might want to address.  Take it slow.  One day at a time so it doesn't become overw...
I do not usually post other writers blogs on my site, but this explanation about hardwood flooring versus using engineered hardwoods is the best one I have read!  Debbie Gartner is not in Maryland, but she said I could share...Hardwoods vs Engineered Hardwood...for anyone wondering what the diffe...
Back in the old days, before McMansions, the first home young people could afford was pretty much just a little shack.  Sometimes, they were barely, just barely, livable, but the banks didn't care.  Banks were local and small and they knew that you had family with hammers, nails, and saws who wou...
You know you are in Maine when your Garmin says turn 154 miles....when the road signs say "Stop for Moose" next 17 miles....when you fall asleep at the wheel on I95 and wake up in Houlton and no one noticed,.You know you are in Maine in the winter when you are the only car on the road...
Alrighty then.  The house has taken you quite awhile to get it ready to put on the market.  You have been stressing about how it looks and have been going overboard trying to make it absolutely perfect. This need to please has delayed the listing from going live on the MRIS. The number of homes t...
I'll tell ya where she is!  She's standing out in front of your house waiting for you to answer the darn door!Come on!  Let's get this show on the road!  We have an offer that is begging for an answer!  We need to respond before they decide to tell you to shove that contract where the sun don't s...
You slept?? No, you didn't!  You stewed! You rocked and rolled all night! And you don't want me to know it.I met with you last night and presented an offer from a buyer who saw your house yesterday on the very first day it was on the active market.  He loved it enough to make you an offer immedia...
You threw out all the old toaster cozies. You painted over the purple Ravens Nation walls in the man-cave. You tossed everything you haven't used for the past three years that was stored in the garage, and now you have a place to hide your kid's crappy car. You fixed the wood rot at the bottom of...

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