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Elayna Fernandez Designed 2 Impress, Inc. Marketing Success Made Possible. Dedicated to assisting individuals and small businesses in creating successful and consistent brand and achieve their marketing goals.
Have you heard of 3 ? 3 is an alternative for Microsoft Office.  This open-source office software suite is ideal for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. 3 does everything Microsoft Office does, it's available in ...
In the process of registering your domain you’ll generally be given quite a few “extension” options to choose from. The extension determines whether your domain ends in .com, .net, .org, etc. Read more...     For more information connect with me: My Website| Positive Mommies Network | E-mail | F...
  While a great domain name alone will not guarantee high rankings in the search engines, they do, however, play an important role in your rankings and should be selected thoughtfully as part of your larger SEO efforts.       7 tips to select a SEO-friendly Domain Name Easy to remember Easy to s...
  Have you taken the HomeRoute™ E-Marketing Quiz yet?  I am sure ActiveRainers are way ahead in this race, but it doesn’t hurt to test your knowledge and maybe see what areas should be worked on or maybe learn a thing or two. The quiz “is meant to be for fun and learning” but if you take it and ...
I am so proud!  Elisha looooves the computer and She's a fast typist and of course she is bilingual. Elyssa is STUDENT OF THE MONTH and her vocabulary in both English and Spanish is amazing. I am so blessed!  I just wanted to share my happiness with everyone in the whole wide ...
As I wait for some files to upload to, I wonder whether my cherished Active Rainers would be using this valuable service or not.   It's so easy to use! The screen shot is pretty self-explanatory.   Here's how it works:     You sign up for a FREE Trial at   You can send...
Just some food for thought… Everyone, everyday is becoming a little more health conscious.  We try to develop healthy habits of eating right, exercising and doing things in moderation.  Our body is our temple. It is an undeniable truth, straight from Scripture.  But, what about the mind? Is there...
Success Facts:  1-     Success is simply a formula 2-     Learn to love failure 3-     Consistency wins, every time  Darren Hardy, entrepreneur since age 18 and self-made millionaire by age 27, and Publisher and Editorial Director of Success Magazine, shared his   “3 greatest secrets to Super Ach...
  Meet me at this FREE event!  And better yet, meet JAY CONRAD LEVINSON  and MATT BACAK at the Double Your Sales Tour . I was invited by, but you can REGISTER, too! February 24, 2009 | Orlando World Center Resort Marriott | 8701 World Center Drive, Orlando FL 32821 | 9-5 If Orlan...
  Summarizing  The main message should show on the first paragraph and expand from there, like an inverted pyramid.  Concise Writing  Use lists, break down paragraphs, don’t be redundant. Write only one idea or concept per paragraph or your readers will be overwhelmed with your rambling on a sub...

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