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Elayna Fernandez Designed 2 Impress, Inc. Marketing Success Made Possible. Dedicated to assisting individuals and small businesses in creating successful and consistent brand and achieve their marketing goals.
Jason Sanders recenly wrote a blog post titled FREE Website or Blog Translation to Spanish , which made me think of my favorite tools: This magnificent translation tool now allows you to translate any document into one of over 40 languages that are available (the list, of course, gets longer each...
I was in Bonn, Germany, for a conference last May and my friends decided we should go to the Pub next to the Hotel.  I don't drink, but wanted to meet new people.  This man was just one of the funniest characters I've ever met.  According to the guys at the Pub, he was a regular and your Bonn ex...
Elisha and Elyssa were stars at the Naples International Film Festival commercial by Chuck Ardezzone of In Trouble Zone Productions. It was a blast. The Naples International Film Festival will be an amazing event and we're happy to be a part of it.  Elisha and Elyssa both look forward to more "a...
Texting is the number 2 use of mobile phones. Number one is checking the time! It has become such a popular, addicting and distracting habit that the number of casualties being reported due to texting while walking or driving has increased tremendously. A recently released study by the National H...
Facebook Notes are used for marketing purposes.  According to Facebook Terms of Use, Facebook Profiles should not be used with the objective to sell or market a product; however, you can create Facebook Notes on you Facebook Business Page (AKA Facebook Fan Page).   Because of their text-based nat...
If you have created a Facebook Fan Page, it is now time fo your to link it to Twitter! Simply go here and you will be asked to link your page to Twitter automatically so you can share everything you publish... When you click on the green "Link a Page to Twitter" button, then you will be able to c...
Marketing is all about perception.  Your brand is not who you are but who you are perceived to be. There are certain features and benefits attached to that perception.   I am subscribed to a service called “The Morning Minute”.  This service sends a video and PDF message to my e-mail every day at...
Photo taken by Elayna Fernandez on August 22, 2009 at Sunset at Laudermilk Park in Naples FL USA Copyright Elisha and Elyssa - Reproduction Prohibited Elisha Freitas Fernandez Elyssa Freitas Fernandez Of the six sea turtle species that are found ...
I’ve been using Yahoo! Messenger for years!  I have over 8,000 contacts on my Yahoo! account (had over 6,000 when I moved to the U.S. almost 8 years ago), so it’s a free way to keep in touch with my friends and relatives back in the Dominican Republic, as well as connecting with the Yahoo! users ...
I thought reaching 100 subscribers to my ActiveRain blog was the highlight of the week… Until I read about the new Automatic Signature feature on ActiveRain posts! Thank you AR Guys!  This sure makes life easier, whether you know HTML or not. And thank you for the tips!  I shortened mine, but add...

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