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With 350 million users, Facebook dominates the web as a growing social network.   In an effort to increase security and “take over the world” attracting new users, the Facebook team is adding new features to control your security.   Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced through an open Faceb...
Pretty much everyone these days is either a Facebook user or thinking about it. After all, “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.”  Free e-mailing, picture and video sharing, instant messaging and seconds away from knowing exactly where someone is, how they are feelin...
Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is the best time to be in the United States. I truly love this Holiday as it reminds me of December 24 (Christmas Eve) when the family gets together in our island and has a wonderful dinner. I also love the gratitude people feel around this Holiday. It's like fuel...
      I thought this would bring a smile to your TWace! Do not Tweet during a fire. You'd think that'd be obvious, not just in London, huh? -  Learn more about dialing 999. Internet Booth at Heathrow Airport. The Web 2.0 needs of today. Help yourself! Everyone does preach on Twitter. To me, that'...
This is a feature to be excited about.  Now when you set your status on LinkedIN, you can now tweet it automatically, which means exposure to Twitter and search results all over the web!   You can also tweet to your LinkedIN connections from Twitter (or any Twitter tool such as Tweetdeck and Hoot...
"What will I find on ActiveRain?" There was a home for sale in the neighborhood and the couple was really interested in moving in.  Eager to know about the neighborhood, they asked an older man: "How long have you lived here?" "About 40 years" he replied. "Great, so you know all about the commun...
When it comes to branding and design, you would think that working with start-ups would be more intense because they are "clueless"; however, it turns out that working with clients who already “HAVE" branding elements and a web presence is quite an adventure: they are "owned" by their former desi...
My favorite feature of Internet Marketing is how measurable it is.  By using tools such as Google Analytics, we can not only know our exact traffic stats such as visits, views and time on page; however, knowing what sites are referring traffic to your website is the icing on the cake. ActiveRain ...
Yes, my last post was indeed "Turning 7". It turns out that, just 3 months after Elisha came to this world, she was blessed with the knowledge that she was getting a "Forever Best-Friend".  Elyssa was born exactly one year and seven days after Elisha.  Today we commemorate that gorgeous day and w...
My baby girl and I last Friday. I went to the School and we had a healthy breakfast with all her classmates and we sang the "Happy Birthday" song. It was fun and everyone enjoyed it.   I am so happy my little girls are growing up, but a little nostalgic, as well. They are my strength and my insp...

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