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Elayna Fernandez Designed 2 Impress, Inc. Marketing Success Made Possible. Dedicated to assisting individuals and small businesses in creating successful and consistent brand and achieve their marketing goals.
I teach a 6-week Web Design class in Naples FL, which is really something I enjoy. We work with Dreamweaver in creating a cross-browser compatible, search engine optimized and user friendly website. From selecting the right layout, domain name and hosting service to fonts, colors, titles, keyword...
  I love these tools and I am excited they work together!  Enjoy!   Ever since Animoto was launched, we have been waiting for a way to integrate their amazing service with RealBird. With their recent release of the Animoto API, we are glad to let you know that RealBird is now integrated with Anim...
In an effort to raise awareness of the dangers of broadcasting your location to your social network buddies, telling them you are not home, is “Listing all those empty homes out there”. In a very funny way, lists robbing opportunities in real time.
One way to succeed in business, in life, and on Facebook is to know the limits or boundaries that have been set to help us along the way. Here are some important ones: Facebook Profile:   You can only have 5,000 friends. You can only send direct messages to 20 people at a time. You can only tag 6...
A warm welcome goes to the newest member of the Google Family (wish I were related LOL): Google Buzz! While Google had created a social networking serviced called Orkut before Facebook even showed up; the brand new Google Buzz is a social network embedded right on Gmail (below your Inbox link) t...
On the first day of class, my Social Media and Blogging students learn they cannot make it through the first day or move on to the second class without first signing up to Gmail to get a built-in Google account. I bring it up on my E-mail Marketing, Web Design and even Intro to Computers classes,...
Happy New Year!!! We are grateful for 2009 and eager to experience what 2010 has to offer.  Wishing everyone on Earth a joyful, peaceful and successful year [and decade] where love reigns and families are together.  We love you! May God give you... 12 Month of Happiness, 52 Weeks of Fun, 365 Days...
“Christmas gift suggestions:To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.”.....  and to all of you, my non-talent of singing this Christmas Song to you. At least I have...
Gratitude to all my friends and family. Thank you for making this day extra special. I got to blow candles & make a wish on my very birthday 4 the first time in my life. What a blessing that was! I enjoyed getting flowers at the High School, too! I laughed, cried, reflected...enjoyed all the gree...
  I am not a curious kitty. Okay, maybe just a bit.  I wanted to post this question as an exercise that may help us all reflect and learn from each other’s experiences. If you feel “chatty”, you can also tell us what you’re the most thankful for, the best thing you did in 2009 and even your goals...

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