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I admire Jason Crouch and his "realness." I am a huge supporter of this message, too! Jason, we appreciate you. I appreciate you! Keep up the great attitude and the great work! I lost two more friends to cancer recently. One of them was a hilarious girl I knew in college. She was 42 years old, an...
Copyright law infringement is a huge and valid concern of many bloggers or web publishers. Brad provides a comprehensive useful guide and I am happy to share it with you! Some of the best posts and blogs I have ever seen, stood out more because of the photos and graphics.  Many of my posted photo...
Many of my clients e-mailed me first thing in the morning asking "How can I access my Facebook Page?" or "Where did my Facebook Page go?" ... or out of habit, "Where is my 'Fan Page'?"... With the new Facebook Page Upgrade, your Facebook Page can still be accessed through the Account Menu on your...
In 2011, Let's: Smile Frequently ~ Laugh Repeatedly ~ Touch Often ~ Hug Frequently ~ Praise Continually ~ Kiss Much ~ Love Infinitely ~ Be Happy...Unconditionally! Elayna Fernández Happy Holidays everyone. I wish you and your family lots of blessings  health, and much joy, every day left in this...
Facebook seems to be on a mission to eradiate fear of change, by constantly introducing something new to enhance the social network's experience. After recent changes to Facebook Groups, Facebook Messaging Service and the Check-in Appplication, yesterday, on a 60 Minutes Sunday night feature, Mar...
Passing on information from one of my programmers at Designed 2 impress, Inc. “Now a days more web sites are getting infected with malicious code and, hackers injecting the malware code, which puts your website and whole business onto risk. We use lots of free tools, browser add-ons, widgets and ...
If you're visual like I am, this will do it for you!   What are your thoughts?  Would you agree and love it too?
No more fans on Facebook, just "likes and interests". Your fan page is now called an “Official Page” and your fans will be friends who go to a page and click on the like button to like the page.  This change was introduced with the new Facebook Connections settings.       Facebook’s changes are p...
Are you on LinkedIN? Do you use Outlook?   Good news! You can go HERE and add a LinkedIN-Outlook connector by downloading it and installing it. Your LinkedIN connections appear on a folder on your Outlook, which gives you instant access to their e-mail addresses, in addition to the photos, profil...
In my previous post "So you still want to get robbed..." ,I wrote about social media security and privacy awareness. Location has played a key part on the latest social media trends but also presents a threat if misused. In an effort to fully understand location based social media, some of my rea...

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