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Elayna Fernandez Designed 2 Impress, Inc. Marketing Success Made Possible. Dedicated to assisting individuals and small businesses in creating successful and consistent brand and achieve their marketing goals.



Success Facts:  1-     Success is simply a formula 2-     Learn to love failure 3-     Consistency wins, every time  Darren Hardy, entrepreneur since age 18 and self-made millionaire by age 27, and Publisher and Editorial Director of Success Magazine, shared his   “3 greatest secrets to Super Ach...
  Meet me at this FREE event!  And better yet, meet JAY CONRAD LEVINSON  and MATT BACAK at the Double Your Sales Tour . I was invited by, but you can REGISTER, too! February 24, 2009 | Orlando World Center Resort Marriott | 8701 World Center Drive, Orlando FL 32821 | 9-5 If Orlan...
  Summarizing  The main message should show on the first paragraph and expand from there, like an inverted pyramid.  Concise Writing  Use lists, break down paragraphs, don’t be redundant. Write only one idea or concept per paragraph or your readers will be overwhelmed with your rambling on a sub...
In My Daughters Eyes - Martina McBride I was driving home from an exhausting and stressing day of hard but rewarding work.  You know how you just drive and can't think of anything but "I gotta get to my destination". I usually play audio books on my car's MP3 player, but I wasn't even in the moo...
I literally just got home, turned my computer on. I couldn’t wait to share this with all of you.  I just watched Beyond the Secret… a one-night event broadcasted in 440 select movie theatres in 46 states today, Thursday, January 15th.  It was supposed to be hosted by Larry King, but it was actual...
I’m really not grading anything; I just want to provide a few pointers on Copy writing. There’s a C of rules to follow. Thankfully, they are quite simple. I’m sure you know most of these, but you know me, I have to be very specific and thorough or I would just not sleep well at night thinking abo...

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