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We all know where we are today in terms of equity losses and real estate values being in the tank. Each state has it's own issues and every county is a micro economy with its own economic situation. As the saying goes, its a local business. Although we will all recover eventually, some are recove...
The latest sales activity shows that although the Ocala real estate activity has increased substantially since the same time in 2008, the prices  of homes selling is down and not surprisingly, the number of foreclosures selling  has drastically increased. In through October of 2008, the number of...
I attended a seminar last week that I thought was a total waste of time. It was a class on how to work with buyers on short sales, and there was nothing new. However, one of the sponsors was a large bank touting how to make sales with seniors using reverse mortgages to buy a home. I still didn't ...
Do you think we're finally going to make it now? Or should we be continuing to  follow the dow? Are the housing prices going to still be low? Or can we start making some real dough? Who's going to be telling us what to do? Is it still going to be like living in a zoo? Or will we be living in more...
It could be possible that things are starting to change for the better in short sales and modifications for distressed homeonwers. Yesterday I received a couple of phone calls that indicated promise on the horizon for borrowers from Bank of America. The first call was from a past client that live...
The local investors in our area are once again pooling their money with LLC's and buying up homes for cash. I was beginning to think nobody had any money, but I was wrong. Now that the prices have gotten so low that a buyer can get a good cash on cash return for a rental property, we are writing ...
There certainly is a lot of confusion about modifying for the average homeowner to try to navigate through today and it is changing by the minute. We have the acronyms coming out of space at us and we as professionals are trying to keep up with it all.  What's a homeowner to do when the lenders c...
This is very good information and very good advice. Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) may be announced by the U.S. Treasury sometime soon. "HAFA will offer financial incentives to both servicers and borrowers, and associated secondary investors, in order to facilitate a short sale ...
It seems that today is the first Saturday in quite a while that my phone hasn't rung off the hook with buyers trying to land on a home to close before Novermber 30th in order to receive the $8000 tax credit. Hopefully we will hear an approval for an extension soon and get a second wave of buyers ...
With so many borrowers having so many problems with their mortgage modifications and short sales, and REALTORS going bald and on Prozac trying to deal with the mess, I made a youtube video to tell my story.     I also got some advice from a real estate attorney to help others with the same proble...

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