A quick question: How do you make a great first impression? What is the first thing you see in a listing photo? Often it's the outside of the house AND the yard. If you are thinking of listing your home, ask yourself if it has that curbside appeal needed to draw the buyers in...
WHAT DO YOUR PAST CLIENTS WANT?First, I'll state the obvious: Itʼs pretty easy to figure out what clients want from you during a transaction. Theywant you to help them buy or sell a home quickly, get the best possible deal, andmake the entire process go smoothly for them. But what do clients want...
Although I am writing more about my sport than about real estate here, please bear with me as there is a correlation between the two...and I want to share it with you. I'm 52 and training for a National and World Powerlifting Championships. I've just broken 8 national records last month. This was...
Alan May does a great job on this one. It's the truth of things and very to-the-point. I don't know how many times I've encountered properties in need of fine tuning to bring about the offer. It's pretty much always for one of the below reasons. What more can I say? He's pretty much said it all w...
What does your crystal ball say for 2011?  I believe there likely will be a slow and smooth improvement in our Canadian market in 2011. Here's why: I think the government has given out all the stimulus it's going to at this point. There is no more in the kittie...the feds are over-extended now. B...
Sarah Moore posted this blog, and as a mother it terrified me. I am re-blogging this so that all parents in Activerain receive her very valuable message. We must protect our children!  Today,everyone has a mobile phone.  If you are like most, you LOVE TO TEXT!  I will admit that I had not really ...
    If it's Overpriced, Is It Really On The Market At All? Now there's a good question...And here's what I think:   I feel that if a listing is overpriced, then even though it's on the MLS®, it's not really on the market at all. I personally cannot afford to spend the money and effort on professi...
Eleven Reasons To List During The Holidays   There's always a bit of controversy each year at this time:  "To list, or not to list...That is the question..." I'm here to give you eleven reasons why I think you should...The decision, of course, as the seller is yours. But here are some facts to co...
As promised, here is the youtube link to my new National record bench press. Refer to my blog series, "The Other Side Of Me", for the full story.   Canadian Record 81 Kg Bench: November 13,2010  
As promised, here is the youtube link to my new National record deadlift. Refer to my blog series, "The Other Side Of Me", for the full story.   Canadian Record 160 Kg Deadlift

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