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Yes, your reputation matters... a lot!Let me discuss the crucial role of social capital in business growth and trust — the reputation and name recognition that you as an individual or your business as a whole have within your community.Social capital is measured by one's ability to honor their wo...
Do you struggle to see the importance of having a unified voice and vision within your company? Worry no more! I'll talk about the best strategy for that and provide a valuable one-page document to help achieve it.This document I'll share outlines the ideal customer, core offering, unique solutio...
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Are you curious how I got so good at leveraging virtual assistants that I built an enterprise around this business model?Then check out this short video.I discuss the 5 most effective ways to leverage a VA to scale your business, with examples and insights you don't want to miss.If you like my co...
We all have to start somewhere, right?In my latest video, I describe what it was like to embrace the virtual assistant model early on, and how it saved me during a very dire time.A time similar to what many leaders are going through right now, in fact.Check it out! ▶️If you like my content, don't...
A good friend of mine and his family were in the middle of the recent Maui fires — he shares what they experienced and what happened. This is a pretty long video interview, but I can assure you, it's extremely eye-opening.If you like my content, please feel free to like, share and comment! I'd al...
In the dynamic world of business, the key to achieving remarkable success often lies in the connections we make. 🌐  Join me in this enlightening video as I discuss the often-forgotten art of networking and the opportunities that come from cultivating meaningful professional relationships.🔓  Don't...
Are you tired of juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities as a real estate professional? Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of your business? If so, it might be time to consider hiring a virtual assistant.Doing so has been the secret ingredient of many real estate brokerages exper...
I've always been asked, "How can a Virtual Assistant help me grow my Real Estate business?"Think about this: an average of over 60 hours spent on a real estate transaction is administrative work. Who's doing all of that work? In most cases, the agent is!And this needs to stop.In reality, if you'r...
 🌟 I reveal game-changing tips and guidelines to tap into your team's untapped potential, foster a culture of growth, and create a harmonious virtual work environment. Unlocking Your Team's Full Potential: The Power of Proactive Leadership in the Virtual Workspace 🚀 The success of your virtual pr...

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MyOutDesk - Real Estate Virtual Professionals
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Founded in 2008, MyOutDesk, LLC is the real estate industry's largest & most trusted virtual assistant staffing company, with over 7,500 clients - including half of the top 10 RealTrends 1000 teams.

We're located in Sacramento, California, with overseas offices in the Philippines managing a staff of thousands of VA's.

Outsourcing allows us to provide service for up to 70% less than the cost of hiring full time staff in the USA - which saves our clients over $55 million dollars a year in expenses.

Administrative Virtual Assistants Our real estate trained, college educated, and English proficient administrative VA's will help with reception, accounting, or transaction coordination & more.

Real Estate ISA's - Our trained Real Estate ISA's are perfect for warm & cold-calling, circle prospecting, reaching out to past clients & qualifying leads.

Marketing Virtual Assistants - Our specialized Marketing VA's will post & update your MLS, Craiglist & website listings, along with graphic design & even production for walkthrough & drone videos.

Transaction Coordinators - Our Transaction Coordinators are trained to manage every step of the selling process from contract to close!