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Hmmmm . . .  My "thanks" to Cedric (Ced) Reynolds - (909) 597-3502 (CedReynolds.com) for tagging me for this lastest MeMe , called the Real Me.  The rules are: Create a blog post with a link to the person who so happily tagged you. See above! 1. List all of these rules in the post. Feel free to ...
I did a count for our office and we have about 35 people out of 100+ people who are registered on ActiveRain.  Out of the 35 only 10(less than) have a score above 700, and 50% of those will not actively post. What about the 25 people who have lower scores.  I know they don't post, I will wager th...
I have a fellow realtor who ran into a problem with a YELP review from some one who was not their client.  The review present this capable agent in a very poor like and went as far as to say she was an uncaring person. The writer of the blog was a tenant and just didn't want to leave the property...
Schlage Lock company has come up with an internet linked electronic key system.  It would allow people to use PDA and access the lock or to change the combo on the door. Not a bad Idea but if somehow you had a listing with it and your PDA phone could work like a lock box key that would be great.
I have been a photography nut for a while.  I purchased many cameras from stores or online.  With the sight down turn in the economy I decided to look for a new camera body on craigslist.org.  To my delight I found a used Canon Xsi for around 400 body only, with all items and box.  I tested it an...
I have a mini computer that I have been carting around to do business with.  In addition I also have a PDA phone.  This years CES has a cool mini computer from OQO.  It looks awesome and with internet I can see running most of by business from it.  especially if I meet with clients or have to cha...
I received a floor call from potential buyers.  We spoke for a while and I qualified them as serious buyers.  We made an appointment to look at a house that was very similar to what they wanted. During the process we talked about making the offer and out of the blue they had a realtor (a relative...
I see that the Homes and Land and Homes.com magazines are getting really really thin. The people are the same and I don't see anything new about them. The photos change but the message is the same. I am wonder how much of your business or leads are generated from magazines. Has there been a drop ...
I finished my business plan for 2009 and it is pretty good.  I looked over and over and found that i have put a tone of time into cold calling and door knocking.  Is it really necessary?  I ended up cutting back on some time and added more to build up my internet presence. My questions to you all...
Good Afternoon ActiveRain Bloggers, There has been a virus spreading around.  You will recieve a message that there is a video that is fantastic and blah blah blah.  You click on the email which then tell you that you must update flash player.  Zombie city a worm has entered you computer and your...

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