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It is April 1st tomorrow, and you all know what that means! Time for pranks and fun. This has been a long time tradition that grows stronger every year. There are everything from major pranks, to easy and harmless pranks. I have gathered some easy April Fools' pranks for you to try out! Pranks fo...
 Last week we talked about Spring Cleaning. Another thing to start thinking about with spring, is gardening. Are you an avid gardener and have a huge, beautiful garden? Or do you have limited space and time for a garden? I currently have the room for a full garden, but I haven’t had much success,...
Now that spring is officially here, it is time to think about spring cleaning! First lets think about why we spring clean. When fall comes people open their windows, let the fall breezes come in. Quickly the windows get closed, and winter sets in. During winter months, the house stays closed up. ...
As most of you know, it is time to spring forward and change our clocks. But do you know why Daylight Savings Time exists? The original idea was to save energy and make better use of the daylight. This started back in ancient civilizations where they would follow the Sun’s schedule and wake with ...
The spring season is starting. That means that business will be picking up quickly, so you need to be prepared! You want to make sure that you are just as productive, with more clients. So how do you boost your productivity when you need it most? The first thing to do is to look forward. Set goal...
If you are new to real estate, or have been in it awhile, you have heard about managing your database. It is also called a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). So the real question is, are you managing your customer relationships how you should be?  For most agents, this is one spot that falls...

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