Many years ago while working undercover as a narcotics Police Officer I was given the opportunity for a promotion that would have provided me with the additional income my young family needed so badly. My Lieutenant asked me to provide him some information on a particular neighborhood that I had ...
This is great information that Rebekah has posted!  I had to re-blog this to share with my database.  Please take the time to read! Thank you Rebeka! We all want it, crave it and are desperate to have it. In fact, the majority of us will spend countless hours and resources attempting to create it...
When I was a kid I could never get enough Star Wars into my system.  I think I've watched the original trilogy hundreds of times.  I dreamed of one day becoming a Jedi and of wielding a light saber just as Luke Skywalker did. And then I grew up.. at least a little.  Betweeen High School, girls, C...

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