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My company has been building quality homes for many years. We build homes the way they should be and never sacrifice quality work and integrity.
Mold, mildew, stinch.  Drywall and wet soggy insulation covering your furnishings and floor, valuables and collectables ruined.  A mess like you have never seen before.  As you tip toe through your storm ravaged home, you ask yourself, What could have been done to prevent this?  The answer is pre...
Each year around October or November, the tourist are gone home and the children are in school.  This is when the home owners of Topsail Island begin making their list of things to do to prepare for next summer rental season.  Winterization is one of the first things to consider and removal of th...
Thankfully a lot of the inventory on the Island has sold or been taken off the market.  What is left is opportunity for a new lifestyle or investment.  The few building lots on the island are sitting with no one buying.  Why?  Are buyers waiting for the bottom of the market?  I heard someone say ...
We recently lost our dog, Mullet to cancer.  We are thankful for all the years we had to enjoy him as part of our family and will continue to miss him for a long time.  We thank Ron & Sharon at Porters Neck Vet Hospital just north of Wilmington for helping make his last breaths as easy as possibl...
Our dog has recently slowed down and we assumed it was due to old age.  We began depending on the elevator to get him down and outside rather than let him use the stairs as previously.  This seemed to be a great plan.  It worked well until he stopped eating and drinking.  We were able to get him ...
Several oceanfront homes have lost their steps leading to the beach from their decks.  My company specializes in the construction of these steps to insure they don't suffer from every major wind storm.  We see so many steps being replaced time and time again...this is usually due to poor workmans...
I have been building homes for several years on Topsail Island.  Unfortunately when I chose my company name, I didn't realize so many builders licensed and unlicensed would chose company names similar to mine.  Coastal Renovations & Construction was my company name, now there are so many "Coastal...
My company is very interested in learing more about building "Green".  Where in NC can a contractor gain valuable information and certification to gather information.  What are the requirements to entitle a builder to be allowed to advertise his company as such? I would appreciate any help.  Than...
Currently there is a large inventory of homesites on Topsail Island and the surrounding mainland.  If you've ever considered building a second or primary home on the Island, this is a great opportunity to purchase a great lot you may not have been able to afford a few years or even months ago.  T...

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