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Drop ceilings are an affordable solution instead of drywall ceilings in a basement. Drop ceilings are also homeowner friendly in terms of installation. Drop ceilings are also where I find many safety issues and defects. Depending on how many rooms there are, I will pop up 1 or 2 panels per room t...
Warning to Realtors. Do not turn on any systems that are not turned on. Why not turn on systems that are off in a home during an inspection?  Liability. My insurance coverage does not cover stupidity. When I am at an inspection and a water valve is turned off to a toilet, I don't turn it on. If a...
Oh What A Beautiful Morning The past couple of weeks have been phenomenal. Gone are the hot humid days replaced by afternoon temperatures in the 70's. This past Wednesday morning was 56 degrees when I walked my daughter to the bus at 7 AM. I even had to wear a sweatshirt. Fall has arrived and it...
Homeowners take their decks for granted. Decks are degraded by the environment. Occasionally powerwashed and cleaned. Once every Leap Year maybe some preservative or staining occurs. Homeowners drag all sorts of items across them. Splintering occurs, cracks, nail pops, peeling paint, mold and mil...
I received a call from a Realtor yesterday. She told me that she was writing up a contract for a client and she brought up the issue of Radon. Stating the need to test for it and how the EPA recommends that all home-buyers test for Radon. He asked her why should he pay someone $200 for a continuo...
I love my job because I never know what I am going to find from inspection to inspection. All homes are different and there is almost always something that peaks my interest. Take this picture for example. This is a perfect example of why a correct switch plate is needed.  I opened the cover and ...
Why do I like to keep up with what's going on with the Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC? I am able to inform my clients of any recalls or safety news that may affect their homes. I"ll receive an email alert from the CPSC. If it affects homes I will send out an email to my database indic...
How long will my water heater last?  How long do you think the air conditioner will last before I have to replace it? When do you think I will have to replace my roof? How much longer do you think the decking will last? How long will the paint last on the exterior of my home? The heating unit is ...
I love my job. Yes, I will say it again. I love my job. I never know what I will find from inspection to inspection. Every home is different. Every home provides me with a unique experience and a chance to learn and discover things that I never thought possible. Every home teaches me that not all...
I received a call this morning from a client I did a pre-listing inspection for about 3 months ago. He told me that he is in contract and the buyer just had their inspection done and only one thing was found. One thing! Missing screws for a face plate cover. How awesome is that.  I did find many ...

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