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After weathering a Spring slowdown, the Mountain Home Idaho real estate market is beginning to heat up.  Inventories for proposed and lower priced homes are at higher than normal levels but there continues to be strong demand for homes in the $150-220K price range.   Although busy, activity is no...
Mountain Home's 41st Annual "Crazee Daze" celebration will be on Saturday, May 19th.Crazee Daze is the is the high plains version of a street fair with food, crafts, carnivals rides and prize giveaways.Local merchants will have booths set up all over the downtown area "displaying their wares" but...
Unclogging your bathroom drains may seem an odd topic for a real estate blog but I'm so impressed with a product my wife brought home that I think I'll give it (and my wife) a plug."Zip-It" is a 24" long plastic doohickey with soft teeth (costs about $4 at Walgreens) that pretty much eliminates t...
There's no two ways about it - new homes are breathtakingly expensive and it's only natural to cut costs where you can.  Even so, there are several paths leading to false economy and pressuring your builder to buy materials and components from "cheaper" sources is among the worst.  You may be con...
Mountain Home Air Force Base has won the 2007 Commander-In-Chief's Installation Excellence Award.  MHAFB was selected as this year's best Air Force Installation from among 85 Air Force facilities located world-wide.Making the award even more significant is that fact that the mission at MHAFB is c...
With all of the obligations and commitments in most of our lives, it's not surprising that home owners often forget that our homes need regular preventative maintenance to keep them safe and in the peak of condition.  Truth be told, we're often so absorbed in staying of the current day's activiti...
According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency, Idahoans pay only 6.12 cents per kilowatt hour for electrical energy, currently the lowest rate in the United States.  The hardest hit are residents of Hawaii who pay almost 4 times as much at 23.36 cents per kwh.Idaho's low rates are due primarily...
A large crowd of well wishers saw the last of The 389th Fighter Squadron's F16s depart MHAFB on March 29th as part of the base's realignment to a core F15E Strike Eagle installation.  The transition is nearly complete with the first F15E's from Elmendorf AFB, Alaska arriving in December of last y...
If you're thinking of building a new home or replacing your existing heating system, there's been a recent breakthrough in HVAC systems that you may want to look into.Carrier Corporation has recently released a hybrid, residential HVAC system which combines combines a high efficiency (SEER 13) he...
A sudden, if overdue, interest in residential energy efficiency is resulting in the installation of tankless water heating systems in several of Mountain Home's new homes.Instead of a big tank keeping 50 gallons of water constantly hot, regardless of whether there's anyone around to use it, tankl...


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