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Barking Dogs, Partnership Breakups, Boundry Line Disputes, neighbors against neighbors, Guns removed from Households, basements flooding, landlord tenant and construction disputes. Deposit and commission disputes. Each of these involved individuals like you and me, local attorneys and real estate...
The California tenant filed a law suit against his Landlord for not having his deposit returned. The landlord was unable to return his deposit as he was flat out broke. The Superior Court suggested mediation, and the parties agreed. In mediation a solution was created and crafted by both the land...
The Southern California buyers thought they may like relocate to the California Mother Lode in Placer County. The sellers accepted their offer and a deposit was placed in escrow for $15,000. The buyers made the decision not to move and the deposit held in escrow was not going to be returned. The ...
  Worked for the past 11 months on a Bank of America Short Sale. BOA approved the short sale both on first and 2nd. Contract called for closing by July 30 2010. Buyer placed cash funds in escrow to close and record tomorrow. Bank of America foreclosed on the property today. They would not give a...
A Sonora California seller in August 2009 made a decision that he was unable to afford living in his modest 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. He like so many in the Florida, Nevada, California and much of the United States was living in a community with job losses, high unemployment, a shrinking California...
Real estate has been slow and the for the first time in 33 years, I called home retention as I have been waiting for months for short sales to close and was unable to pay my monthly mortgage payment. The bank gave me a 800 number and I was asked multiple questions to qualify. Was I an Asian?, His...
There is an old Chinese saying that says's" I rather be disappointed today rather than tomorrow and I was reflecting on how many time the "Short Sale" lender has told me that she was waiting for the appraisal to complete her task for the next phase. Each week I asked for an update and was told "w...
As I recall someone stated that if you want music, you must be the band leader when it comes to real estate activity. Last week, I placed a call to get an update on the status of a "Short Sale". Its a routine that I do at a minimal of once a week. The bank representative stated the property was g...
The young couple had been renting from the landlord for several years, the landlord offered them a opportunity to relocate to the family home as they were going to rent the home for several years as the market was depressed. The landlord encouraged the husband and wife to take an active role in t...
Just learned on my "Short Sale" with BOA is going to sell today as the process has gone on way to long. (Aug 2009). Go figure we have had a all cash buyer since the same time. There is something very wrong in the picture. In addition our negoiator at BOA last day on the job was last Friday. Zero ...

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