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  The most significant thing you can do at a mediation is listen. Listening is an art in and of itself. Try and hear what the complainant is saying. ferret out the facts from the complainant's emotions. Determine in your own mind whether the person speaking is believable. What this means is you h...
C.A.R. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT REVISED DUE TO RECENT California COURT DECISION by Jim W Hildreth #Mediator C.A.R. will release a revised standard form Independent Contractor Agreement (Form ICA) through zipForm® on or about June 15, 2011. As between brokers and their salespersons and bro...
  Are you aware with a client who is having a dispute over a real estate deposit? Cost effective mediation may be the answer for resolve. Cost Saving, Confidential and experienced in Real Estate. Kindly Jim W Hildreth Mediator Real Estate Mediation Services 950 S Washington St Sonora, CA. 95370 (...
Real Estate Deposit Dispute Real Estate Deposit Dispute? Do you have a dispute, involving a real estate deposit? $2,500 or more. The deposit cannot be released from escrow, until the following occurs. 01. A Written Mutual agreement between the parties. 02. Arbitration Award. 03. Judicial Decision...
As a local mediator conducting a court appointed mediation, I used the office suites that are available at 950 S Washington St .This site is a great service to the legal/mediation community offering a great location, close to the courts and convenient for the parties. These suites are secure, pro...
Professional Office Space available in Sonora CA, 95370. Ideal for daily, 1/2 day or full Day. Work closely with the legal, mediation, real estate community. Parking, private. Starting at $35.00 per hour. Close to hWY 108/Washington St, historic downtown, post office. DSL.    
Real Estate Deposit Disputes will stay in escrow unless a release occurs between buyer- seller, a judicial decision or arbitration. Real Estate Mediation Services offers mediation with California Real Estate Deposit Disputes. For information about Mediation. Visit http://www.RealEstateMediation.o...
As we approach the holidays, conflicts seem to arise, especially in these economic times. The type of disputes presently being mediated are non-disclosure, deposit disputes, agent/client communications & Landlord/Tenant We at Real Estate Mediation Services wish you and your family a Happy Holiday...
Real Estate Disputes come in all shapes and sizes, and the past month has been active in resolving conflicts through Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR and also known as Mediation. Two friends 60 year old friends take there dispute to a higher notch when his friend cuts up his road grader into 7 ...
Two neighbors, one white, one black sue one another over a common fence, the white turns the dispute into a racial issues. They sue one another, the dispute ends up in court and the court suggest voluntary mediation. 4 hour's latter, the dispute is resolved throught mediation.   Two long term fri...

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