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Marketing for Realtors & Mortgage Lenders, specifically on the internet and focused on consumer education videos.
Here's a slick way to get Google Pay-Per-Click for Free: then you sell the book for $3 or $7 or $11 or $17 or whatever, just enough to recoup your PPC costs. Do some price testing... OR just dump the purchase form and go for the maximum leads; a page like this ...
Apologies in advance if the below seems too spammy - what I'm trying to convey is that we can only have one domain ending per person, and well, those are going fast. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A big THANKS to thosee who believe in what w're up to for kits like and www.Secr...
09/03/2008 ...just using a PR5 site to drive traffic to one of my own new sites, which contains the keyword I'm after. Sneaky trick, eh? Well, it ain't tough.. I often use ".info" sites for this, because they're a buck or two on godaddy. This site offers a complimentary whitep...
Check this out, it is a must-have for Realtors & LO's  - Free 13 minute demo, just register it's cool. I wish I owned that company, but I guess owning a franchise of it is close enough ;-) Works great for FSBO and Expired Listings marketing.
I'm not practicing real estate (just doing marketing) so this is no-holds barred. There are a ton of people who like to try and sell search engine optimization as "magic dust they sprinkle on your website". This is my exact on-site SEO list of steps, which, when combined with off-site SEO (e.g. t...
08/15/2008 For anyone on LinkedIn - see - there's a group for agents who are realtors(R).  
here is that expired listings video.. you can get one in your name, your face, your video etc..
I know there are a few FSBO campaign systems out there on the market..geek that I am, I wanted to create my own (plus i'm a marketer, but not here to to pick yer brain for ideas!) - has anyone here bought a FSBO campaign that you like? Or developed a system that works? Has anyone done ...
Below is taken verbatim from my newsletter for Movoxo - the Get More Clients company - I thought perhaps it would help a wider audience here on Active Rain. ==================================================================== News:a. A few friends said my news was too frequent, so I'll try to com...
Movoxo is twitterified! See - it's a microblog. I like twitter..took me a while to get it, but by it being incredibly concise, you get only the headline - perfect for our busy world. You can dig deeper if needed.What's keeping me busy: a new movie for FSBO marketing. It'll ...

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Marketing for Realtors & Mortgage Lenders, specifically on the internet and focused on consumer education videos.