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Marketing for Realtors & Mortgage Lenders, specifically on the internet and focused on consumer education videos.
Here's my weekend work - look for some fabulous examples next week: Lately, Loan Modifications are HUGE. I’m proud of our loan modification video (see ), of course… up next: a turn-key Loan Modification Website. Like mortgage websites, you c...
For those following me, you know I'm a marketer first who used to be a realtor(r) and so my main focus is real estate marketing. If this is your first post of mine you're reading, be sure to check the others - my job is helping agents, lenders, etc. make more money through marketing products and ...
I had an interesting conversation with a Movoxo client and long-time friend about generating Loan Modification Leads. In short, here's what he's doing - and it's working like gangbusters, as of Dec 08: a. Get data from a major data provider like experian. He's looking for people that are 60 days ...
01/03/2009 Like it? See to add this to your website.
How would you like to carry 47 listings at once? Of which 75% sell in less than 30 days? Do the math and you'll agree that's a pretty healthy paycheck. REO's aren't more work than a regular listing, usually, but they're quite different. You don't have to deal with insane delusional unmotivated se...
Here's a great freebie for you to help you market FSBO sellers and homebuyers: Keyword research. For FSBO Sellers and Home-Buyers. Grab it here: www.RealEstateMarketing.ME - just register and you'll get an excel spreadsheet instantly via email. Here's our kit, by the way... all branded to YOU, of...
Want FSBO Letters? See - and you'll get a complete campaign, including letters and graphics, free just for trying out our FSBO Campaign. If you don't like the campaign, it's ok - the letters are yours to keep forever. Learn more: See Note: Anyone who sign...
If you shared Your Knowledge with More People, would you make More Money?   More to the point: Exactly what knowledge do you have that if more people knew how it could help them, it would make you more money?   I want to help you put that knowledge on video. Today. In minutes.   Why this will mak...
We're doing a lot of work on "stealth squeeze pages", and I was thinking about my own site. To some degree, there's a bit of work on our own sites to be sure - like the shoemaker's kids who have the worst shoes, because the shoemaker is always fixing everyone else's, our own site has been a bit n...
Here are some fun secret-ninja weapons... use these to sniff your competition and jack their keywords. Yeah, it's a bit hardball tactics, but are you playing kickball on the playground? How much commission do you make for being the backup lender or backup agent? Anyway, go here, and type in your ...

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Marketing for Realtors & Mortgage Lenders, specifically on the internet and focused on consumer education videos.