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An assortment of odds and ends that may or may not pertain to the greatest city in the Midwest: Naperville. Also some commentary on the Naperville real estate market.
Naperville Single Family Stats Compared-July and October, 2008 ACTIVE LISTINGS October, 2008 # Units Avg.   MT Avg.    List Price     1016         237          $714,068   ACTIVE LISTINGS July, 2008 # Units Avg.   MT Avg.     List Price     1356           191         $680,191   From the above char...
I thought that I'd share my latest experience with a relocating buyer. We've been working together since April. They knew that they wanted Naperville but just weren't too sure on which sub-division. The decision was made by their son's after-school sports events. They decided that they wanted to ...
According to high government sources reported by both the New York Times and the Washington Post late last night the government is planning to take control of both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This move, which I thought might have happened last weekend, will protect the quasi-governmental agencies...
Can Fannie and Freddie Survive? “Washington-based Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, have lost a combined $3.1 billion between April and June,” according to an article in the Chicago Tribune today, August 20, 2008. “The two government-sponsored companies are the largest source of funding for home mortga...
Yesterday I was out "on tour." That's where listings are available for agents to see without an appointment. And, I noticed the following at one of the listings: 1) the lawn was brown and weedy 2) the cement pad at the front door was severely cracked and coming apart 3) there were weeds in the la...
What I see as key real estate trends for 2009 1) Social A) Increasing numbers of SENIORS. Many will keep on working past their "normal" retirement age as they've lost money in the stock market in the past 8 years. B) Pent-up demand from first-time buyers as they establish new households. C) Peopl...
I was out showing Romeoville townhomes this morning. Priced between $160,000 and $200,000. Just off of Weber Road. The subdivision is newer, under 10 years of age, and there are about 8 units on the market. We've now seen four...and two of the properties are possibilities. of the un...
The new "housing" bill has a few interesting things to say about Reverse Mortgages. These are "mortgages" where the lender pays you while you stay in the house. For many people that's the only way that they can maintain their property as living on a fixed income (social security and perhaps a pen...
Here are some questions that you as a consumer might want to ask the agent that you hire to represent you. 1) How long have you been in the business? I started in real estate back in the pre-historic days. 1976 to be exact. Took a full year of business courses which included real estate sales and...
My 2008 Real Estate Predictions-Revisited and Revised August 1, 2008   It's hard to write a blog that contains downbeat news. 2007 was just awful for real estate. And, 2008, I believe, will even be worse. Wow! How true. This housing depression is almost as bad as the depression in the 1930’s. Som...

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An assortment of odds and ends that may or may not pertain to the greatest city in the Midwest: Naperville. Also some commentary on the Naperville real estate market.