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Hello again! I hope everyone is having a great summer, minus the monsoon season (haha) we now appear to have in Indiana, but at least we're not where we were a year ago. Here's a brief report as for the home market. Things are looking up, at least to some degree. I have been fairly busy lately, i...
Hello again. I thought I would just let anyone looking to buy or sell a home that it is still a good time do so. If you follow the news at all I know it all sounds...well...depressing. But don't jump over board just yet if you're looking to sell. Values of homes are off, a little in some areas, a...
Well here we are, about to say goodbye to 2008.  One of the worse economic, financial, and housing markets on record.  With that said though, it's more about out with the old and in with the new.  Perhaps a bit of hope wouldn't hurt either.  Hope that the financial slide slows or stops altogether...
Well it's almost that time of year, holidays, homes, and security. As someone who has a criminology background, and has diversified into real estate I felt this would be a good time for some reminders for the holidays. Criminals know little bounds when it come to stealing the things we work hard ...
It may seem that according to the news the housing market is dead and you can't begin to buy a home.  But in reality people are still able to get loans and at fairly low rates.  Now the mortgage lenders have tightened up on lending but they are still willing to make loans.  So what should you do?...

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