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If you have been in the mortgage industry for some time, you know that FHA streamline deals are sparse when the economy is good and the shelter from the storm during rough economic times, and this economic cycle is no exception. Easy credit and income qualification, laxed appraisal requirements a...
As interest rates have reached historic lows, many homeowners have had to watch from the sidelines. These frustrated homeowners have been told time and time again they can't refinance because plummeting home values pushed their mortgage underwater. Yet many of these homeowners are gainfully emplo...
One of the most vexing and costly challenge mortgage brokers and lenders have experiences over the past few quarters has been the deluge of unqualified applicants and leads. A Wall Streat Journal Article discusses this growing problem of clogged mortgage pipelines. Lower interest rates, coupled w...
Marketing to HARP 2.0 leads should generate a high response among responsible homeowners that were unable to have access to today's low interest rates because of LTV requirements. These homeowners have faithfully paid their mortgage payment and haven't had to look far to see other homeowners that...
The revamped guidelines of HARP 2.0 opens the floodgates to millions of underwater homeowners that could not lock in the prevailing low interest rates. The jury is still out as to whether this program has lived up to the hype, and there have been some flaws pointed out in some posts, but I'll res...
We've fieldedĀ a lot of call for HARP Leads as lenders have begun providing guidance on how they will implement the revamped provisions of the HARP 2.0 initiative aimed at opening the floodgates for millions of underwater homeowners that were unable to qualify under the original guidelines. The bi...

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