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The last couple of years have seen the elimination of most of the zero down payment options for home buyers.  While there are a few options left,  questions of who qualifies and how to get a home when you have no down payment have been the most asked questions. Recently, we have rolled out a Zero...
With the rush of new home buyers to get a home under contract by the Home Buyer Tax Credit deadline of April 30th, many home buyers may have put off working on their mortgage.  First of all, its decision time.  Have you been pondering what sort of loan to get?  Conventional, FHA, Rural Developmen...
As of January 1st in 2010, a new Good Faith Estimate  form will be required.  It is intended to help the consumer better shop for a loan.   The new form will be three pages vs the one page form currently in use. It will require loan originators to bundle "origination costs" in one figure, credit ...
With the deadline for the tax credit approaching, I have heard all sorts of rumors and untruths regarding its extension and expansion.  I even saw an article from a well know personal finance magazine that suggested that the buyer only had to be under contract by Nov. 30Th to claim the tax credit...
Here in Idaho, the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit program has been a God send.  It has stimulated Idaho home sales over last year and I'm sure its kept plenty of Idaho Real Estate Professionals in business. Even though the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit is not new, I still get many questions ...
Some details are emerging on the changes that will probably happen to the FHA HECM (reverse mortgage) program. Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have bills in front of them to cover the requested 798 million dollar subsidy that the program will require.  The House bill doesn't prov...
Warning, this post has nothing much to do about real estate or mortgages! One of the things I love about my job is that I can take time off whenever I want.  Back in my w2'd slave days, I had to beg to take my 2 weeks of vacation and God forbid that I asked for it off over a holiday. This most re...
I have gotten several clients in the last few weeks who are without a credit score and think they cannot get financed.  Furthermore, there is a certain radio talk show host who brags about haven a "zero fico score".  I expect to see more of this, so here's how to get financed if you don't have a ...
The new Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act (MDIA)of 2009 goes into effect today.  It is designed to prevent borrowers from getting incorrect information at application and then being surprised at closing with un expected and undisclosed fees.  the main provisions of the act are:     No fees othe...
As a loan officer, i struggle many days to fit everything into my 9-5 world.  Sometimes there's jsut too many tasks to fit and I have to prioritize.  I break my tasks down into those which are high payoff, low payoff, can be delegated, and cant/shouldn't be delegated.  From there, I set each days...

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