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     You're a Real Estate Junkie, aren't you? It's Ok...I understand.  Did your addiction start back in the late 1980's with the Sunday morning infomercials like "Fox and Lazo's Parade of Homes"? Do you search sites like Trulia and Zillow, just to see what is on the market in your area? Has your ...
You Claim your building is 70% Sold ...and I claim that you have a problem telling the truth      So there I was last night at some little gathering of well heeled city folk, many of whom are "In the Know", along with a few hanger-on'ers, and me. And someone that knows who I am drops a BOMB- a ce...
    Back in the 1960's, Tarryton Cigarettes had the saying "I'd Rather Fight Than Switch". Personally, I think I would give up my specific brand of cigarettes than take a solid punch in the face. But fighting is what some folks like to do, at least verbally, and this characteristic is often playe...
  I am a Philadelphia realtor and I blog, I Podcast, I write articles, I am quoted in a lot of publications, I am ranked very high on very general (Philadelphia) search terms (especially relating to condos) and the thought of obtaining a higher pagerank and relevant links on Google via good conte...
Seems hardly a day goes by that I am not asked for my two cents in the general arena that is Center City Condos. As a professed uni-blab, big-brained know-it-all in this field, I have to confess that I eat, live, breathe, think, and dream downtown Philly condos for a good portion of each day. I w...
I often hear sellers complain that they are not going to make any money on the sale of their home, and they feel that have somehow went wrong in buying their home in the first place. To which I say, bonk! Just look at how you "won"....  •1)   For every month you lived in your new home and made a ...
If you are anything like me, after a grueling day of showing Philadelphia condos, or any type of real estate to perspective buyers, the first thing I want to do when I get home, besides grumble about it, is mix a Martini. But as a real estate mavine, devotee, and all around nutbag, first I have t...
It should come as no surprise that some people do not have a life. They can be found, every Sunday at the same place. Your Open House. They are neighbors, half-serious buyers, and some are all around busy bodies. Some you will see for YEARS, doing the open house circuit..week after week, after we...
What is it about a real estate transaction that causes somewhat sane, rational carbon based life form to think and act like a bag of nails?My advice for each of the following parties involved in a real estate transaction:1) BUYERS: It is a law in almost all 50 states that you MUST experience cold...
     Having been a realtor here in downtown Philadelphia for the past 18 years, I know my way around. There seems to be very little I don't know about Center City Philadelphia real estate. And don't even try to match wits with me when it comes to the market, contracts, traffic patterns of buyers,...

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