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All Maine real estate agents, brokers, REALTORS are the same right? No...each real estate agent, broker has different sets of skills unique to their market. In a small rural market like northern Maine where there are 11 people per square mile, the day to day routine is different than a broker in a city with wall to wall brokers and a myriad of transactions. In rural Maine, our prices are much lower, people don't lock doors, more smaller commission sales. Unspoiled scenery and what life's like in Aroostook County and its real estate market. Affordable property listings, no crime, no traffic, just wildlife, friendly people, fresh air, clean water. Ready to start the dream? Maine, the way life should be.



You're a real estate agent, broker, REALTOR and want to hear from buyers and sellers.  Your phone number is easy to find right? The address of your office is not hide and go seek hard to find too.  But about your real estate email address. Does the email address show up on your website, blog, all...
The question comes up in conversations over the phone, on line, in the Maine real estate office lobby... Bad areas, which neighborhoods or towns should I not buy a property listing in? Well Mister Maine Real Estate Property Listing Buyer, I've got some very good news. In the Southern Aroostook, N...
Camping in Maine, to me its surrounded by trees and not in a park with other RV's, trailers, motorhomes. All by yourself with your family cooking on an open fire. Seeing the occassional four legged "neighbor" wander by. Fishing for your supper, that pan fill of fresh brook or lake trout sizzling....
When people of all ages where you live are friendly, when the Maine real estate is low cost and easy to own, life is easier. Oh sure we work hard for the money we earn but there is a sense of connection, community. Where others reach out to help and you do likewise. It's neat to live in Maine whe...
Plenty of space around the outside of this Maine home, inside too. Get 4 bedrooms, oak kitchen, new walk out concrete basement. What a job the cellar must have been to put in totally new .... walls and floor. Plus there's an  outside entrance to that cellar so you can drive your lawnmower in easi...
Your Uncle Bob promised to give you an extra quarter acre for that future septic system for your Maine home. The Maine land needed when the one its last leg septic system for your existing home gives up the ghost.  When you get the deed to the Maine land, and glad of it before Uncle Bob dies and ...
Maine's top three biggest lakes are pretty much located nicely spaced around this largest New England state almost in Canada. Vacationland's Moosehead, Sebago and East Grand Lakes are the top three biggest Maine lakes. If you have sampled Maine's waterfront, one of the three largest lakes, Mooseh...
So as I head back to the office with an SD card full of still Maine real estate property photos, a video camera hard drive with loops to dice and slice, assemble and edit, then render, upload, the excitement builds. How to present the property happens after an introduction, tour. To know what hig...
Low cost Maine homes, real estate means Vacationland is the 46th lowest state in the nation for FSSR, foreclosure, short sale and repossession. You don't struggle with a home that cost in the $60's with a fireplace, across from a river and between two Maine lakes. There's an attached garage, rear...
The Maine real estate buyer coming in to your agency office, looking through the listing books, to study the wall of properties pinned to it. Then you grabbing some house keys, heading to look at some Maine homes. Or out to a Maine farm, some waterfront on a lake or just recreational land. It all...

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