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In 2007, I'm looking forward to spending most of my time with my best clients.
I'm not normally a crusader, but I'm ready to pick up a pitchfork and march to Washington.   Short sale after short sale is being hyjacked by the underhanded tactics of the junior lien holder.   It works like this:   Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner are in trouble and need to sell their home before it gets...
Why is that? Because they are paid by the seller and cost you nothing! That's right, it's like getting free legal counsel. The best part? When you have a Buyer-Broker Agreement contract, they are obligated by law to protect your financial interests. In California, it's legal in real estate for an...
I was reading an article by Bill Flickenstein called "home loan house of cards ready to fall" and I started to wonder "how bad would it get?".  He says he's hearing rumors of a few sub prime lenders who are ready to go broke. Too many high risk loans and too many defaults on mortgages.  Could the...
The mother lode of expires are coming in my MLS area. I suspect that because of high inventory across the country, that will be the case in many areas. Do your research! I's time to prepare yourself for E-Day, 12-31-06. My partner and myself are getting our packages together to talk to as many se...
I've just got to blog about one of my pet peeves. Several times a week I call real estate professionals and they answer their cell phone in a manner that I would consider to be "unprofessional". I get "hello" in a downbeat voice that sounds like their dog just died, or "yo" or something along tho...
Ouch! Does that term make anyone else squirm? It sure does for me. I've been on both ends, where my seller lied to me about the size (perhaps they just guessed? Maybe threw in the garage measurements?) and where my buyer and I had to decide if we wanted to walk away from an escrow after getting t...
Buckle your seatbelts! The offer has just been accepted.  You know that feeling you get when the floor drops out from under you? Well, it seems like most escrows these days have their fair share of chills and thrills.  The deal's dead, no wait, it's back on! How do real estate professionals manag...

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In 2007, I'm looking forward to spending most of my time with my best clients.