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If you have questions we have the answers.  Try out the Exeter Board, a forum where you can interact with professionals and investors involved in real estate and 1031 tax-deferred exchanges. Here, you can ask questions, trade ideas, voice your opinions and get a pulse on the real estate economy.T...
Yes its that time of the year, the NFL draft is on tract for next week.  My team is the 49ers and they need some help, but can they depend on the draft to get the needed help that is going to be required to get back into the hunt for a playoff spot.  Any other 9er fans out there.
The last four exchanges my clients have completed found replacement property in the tenant in common (TIC) world.  It seems odd to me that the TIC properties as a replacement property for a 1031 exchange are on an upswing for my clients.  Over the last year the TIC properties have been exceedingl...
Overview of Tenant-In-Common Investment Property Interests or TICsAs a Qualified Intermediary for 1031 Exchange transactions, one of the concerns that we often hear about from Investors when structuring 1031 Exchange transactions is the difficulty in locating, identifying and ultimately acquiring...
An Invitation to discuss  Section 1031 Tax-Deferred ExchangesandAnnual Property Operating Data System This is an intermediate level discussion on Section 1031 Tax-Deferred Like-Kind Exchange transactions. Focusing on Forward, Reverse and even Build-to-Suit type exchanges as like-kind replacement ...
The market seems to be picking up at least for 1031 exchanges in the San Joaquin Valley (Central Valley of California).  This is going to be the biggest month I've had in two years.  My phone has been ringing a lot more lately with questions about new exchanges, which means people are selling mor...
Guest Lecture at CSUFI was invited to be a guest lecturer for a finance class at California State University, Fresno on the subject of 1031 exchanges.  It was great to see such a high level of interest and optimism by the younger generation who are so excited about jumping into the Real Estate ma...
During a 1031 Exchanges Who Should You ID  Your Replacement Property To We have all heard it before...what if I identified to my broker, my accountant, etc.  Here is a quote from the new IRS Fact Sheet.  We now know that brokers will not qualify.  This should help deal with some of those clients....
Is there ever a situation in which the 1031 Exchange is not a good idea?  Yes, absolutely.  1031 Exchanges are not for everyone and may not be appropriate under certain circumstances.  You would generally not want to structure a 1031 Exchange if you have an actual loss on the sale of your real pr...
Holding Title to Real Estate in an Entity Can Complicate Transactions The holding issue becomes substantially more complicated when you either hold legal title to the relinquished property, or intend to hold legal title to your replacement property in a partnership, corporation or multi-member li...

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