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The fire department responded to a call in my neighborhood today. Grateful for our first responders, it also reminds me that I'm grateful I haven't had to experience that. The closest we ever came (and I ever want to be to that) was when my brother left a candle burning in the jack-o-lantern on t...
Working with Short Sales for about 19 years now, I've had the privilege of helping clients successfully sell, and of helping them purchase again. For the ones that I know, I can tell when they'll be ready to purchase based on when their short sale was completed. For new clients who contact me, on...
Christmas & Holiday Festivals in Philadelphia - 2017Check  for more details about the following, plus some additional events in the general Philadelphia area. Wintergarden at Dilworth Park, the Holidays at City Hall   an...
Like many people, I find myself struggling with the mayhem in the world and find it so easy to be reactive. I can't tell you how many times I've had to hit the backspace or the delete button lately. Driving around the parking lot at Trader Joe’s one day, I spotted a parking space where a driver w...
Want to give someone a great present in Delaware? Buy this house and give them the key!105 North Road, Wilmington, DE 19809   MLS# 7052743, Bright MLS# 1000328893Asking price $315,000 Quality and charm abound in this 2,675 square foot, Booker-built, stone and siding 2-story with finished walk-up ...
Don’t Pull My Credit…It Will Drop My Score!(And other credit myths)A client has a mortgage preapproval from an internet mortgage company. I mentioned a few programs that are specific to lenders who have a relationship with the Delaware State Housing Authority but told him that his internet compan...
Two students at a Scottish university recently visited an art exhibit. While there, they placed a pineapple that they had bought in a nearby market, on a vacant stand at the exhibit, just to see what would happen. They returned later in the day, only to discover that someone had placed a glass ca...
Searching the database for properties for a client, I came across this note in the Agent Remarks section of a listing: “Civic association dues are voluntary.”  Without tone of voice, I'm left to furnish it myself when I read comments like that. My assumption might be wrong but I took it to mean… ...
And make it a hard one!            We were riding the bus, my sister and I, en route to a tour of a shrine in Emmitsburg, MD, last week when she told the saga of the squirrel. It seems there was a slight drainage problem in her bathroom and what appeared to be an unsightly hair clog turned out to...
HomeletA monologue from the life of a Realtor®akaTo Parge or Not to Parge          To parge or not to parge? That is the question.Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to just parge the dang wallOr to suffer the insults of appraisal repair requests,puting pen to paper and drafting a measured responseAn...

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