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It’s really hard not to talk about the weather these days, though it’s becoming a bit tiring to open up Facebook and see it overtaken by so many weather posts. The battle rages on about the reason for all of the oddities we’re seeing. It’s global warming. There’s no such thing as global warming. ...
I set out to write about some of my favorite transactions in response to Lisa Von Domek’s “Love Is In The Air” Contest. At first, I had to stop and think... Which ones? Which clients? As a REALTOR or anyone connected to this profession, it’s easy to get sucked into the dark side, focused on the g...
Crunching through the crusty snow, I drove into the parking lot of our church. I’ll drive here many more times in my life but not for this purpose. It was the Father~Daughter Square Dance, or as we’ve come to call it, “Me and My Guy,” and it was the last dance for my daughter. Each year on approx...
In case you didn't hear, Phil saw his shadow this week signaling six more weeks of winter. People are dismayed, at least where I live, because we’ve grown tired of hearing the warnings for wintery mixes, mass accumulations, freezing temperatures, icy conditions. How grand it would have been to ha...
When I work with clients who are a couple, I can’t help but be moved when I see that they honor one another. Truly I believe that some of them do things for one another that the other will NEVER know was done, because it’s become so second nature to them, so seamless. I toured out-of-state client...
She was about to be a single Mom. All of her excitement for the child growing within her was focused on providing a great environment for her baby and herself, with room for her Mother to move in, too. She first approached me as a referral, so that set a great tone right from the start. If I’ve e...
I know we must have had winters where it snowed a lot and was really cold because I distinctly remember crunching through the snow on a starry night to ice skate on a frozen pond. And I remember wishing for snow days, though I don’t remember all the crazy things that kids have come up with to ens...
After the hurricane damage in recent years along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts,  the national flood insurance program  was left nearly bankrupt. Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy left the program in debt to the tune of about $24 billion. Then, along came legislation to address that. The Biggert-Waters ...
  The following outline is based on purchasing real estate in Delaware. Meant to be a guide, you can use it to help you get an overview of the process. Pre-Approval The Buyer meets with a loan officer (can be done over the phone) to determine what kind of loan they'll qualify for, the maximum pur...
I’m as guilty of it as the next person. I get in habits when it comes to certain things and I assume most people would approach something the same way I do. Then I’m surprised when they don’t. Wow. Why is that? Pssst. Monica. It’s called “human nature.” We’re all entitled to our own unique approa...

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