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Heading off on my first showing today, I was multitasking as usual. Calling ahead to make sure my clients and I had our timing in sync, I noticed the car beside me at the light. I found it odd that we both kept pace when the light turned green. More than once, I've had people comment on my predis...
I posted yesterday about loving the rain. But loving the wind? Not so much. A text arrived from one of my seller clients this morning.“Your sign is gone.”Sheesh. Of course, it might mean I’ve inadvertently got a new property on the market somewhere right now, but it’s not going to help advertise ...
Maybe I’m unusual, but I love to tour houses in the rain or right after the rain. I don’t mind touring them when the train rolls by on the tracks nearby or when there’s snow, either. I’d rather see the house when it’s being tested by the elements. Some years back, we had a drought, making it impo...
A client pointed me toward statistics about her property on a real estate website that a fair amount of buyers and sellers visit. I don’t pay for a presence on that website but I was still surprised that when I clicked on my name there, it had no stats, other than the information I had entered ab...
An investor client wanted me to look at a few of her properties in the city, so off I went this morning, starting with a vacant property. Knowing it had a possible inclusion… a squatter… as I parked in front, it was with a wary eye. I took note of who I assumed to be neighbors, a few men on vario...
Beside the picturesque Brandywine River in Wilmington, Delaware in 1802, E.I. duPont founded his business, producing gunpowder. The site, known as Hagley, is a great example not only of early American industry, but of an environment where a business owner was able to succeed while taking great ca...
Early on in my career, I had a selling partner who mentored me. I had asked him to assist me with a listing appointment, so I previewed the property for our strategy and pricing session. Excited about the house, I returned to the office. “What kind of house is it?” he asked. “Well, the entrance i...
For the first night in a long time, I got home from work before it was dark outside. My daughter, home from college for spring break, got busy in the kitchen making dinner, so I set out to deliver the newsletters to the neighbors. I’m a block captain, so periodically, I deliver about a dozen news...
As I’ve done every year for the past ten years or so, I helped this morning at my church with “Walk to Easter”, an event for children to help them grasp the significance of Good Friday. I run the Prayer Station. Every 20 minutes, a new group of about 12 children and a few adults arrive at my assi...

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